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anyway whne i pulled out the needle blood went everywhere all over my hands into my mouth all over ...

 I have a simple fracture on my pinky toe?
anyways, my doctor made me an appointment with an orthopedist.

what is my orthopedist gonna do? am i gonna have to wear a boot or anything?...

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pleaz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 My finger is numb...!?
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cutie s
My ankle hurts from jogging?
my right ankle hurts since a couple of weeks due to running/jogging--I think because my sport shoes were getting a little old. I bought a new pair, but haven't used them yet, because my ankle still hurts. I have had this some years ago too and went to a kinesist to massage the painful area. Should I see one again or is it ok to let it heal on it's own?
Additional Details
I wonder why my right ankle is more prone to being injured lik ethat. Once it happened, it's like you willa lways have to be careful with it, what is inside there that causes the pain anyway?

I'm surprised that most of you think it's ok to keep running, couldn't that agravate it?

they dont jog anymore. walk.

I would first go see your Doctor to be on the safe side. But it sounds like you have weak ankles you could try High top running shoes Or put on light weight, Weights on your ankles to build up strength in them..Good Luck

Make sure you have some proper Running Trainers for jogging. You can cause all sorts of damage if you don't

Also try to stick to grass if you have fields around your area, its low impact on the ankles than a road.

If the problem still occurs, take a trip to the doctors.

Don't strain your self when you jog. Good Luck!

One other thing, Don't take too much time of to let it heal, or otherwise you may find your fitness level dropping.

Let it heal, massage it yourself.

peter w
did you try some inserts

You are on the right track buying a new pair of shoes. You can try soaking it in hot and cold water, ending in cold water, about 5 minutes in each. What has really helped me a lot is Icy/Hot and Ben Gay. Icy/Hot comes in a clear/odorless application. You can use it 4 times a day. My doc also told me that I should wear shoes with a little heal all the time, even in the house, to take the stretch off the Achilles tendon.

Life is Beautiful.
You're probably running on it funny. If it's not too painful I'd let it heal on it's own, but if it is... I'd go to a doctor.

slick o
well I have run 8 marathons and have had quiet a few injuries if you keep up with your mileage you should never put more than 400 to 500 miles on your shoes I would start using the new ones and start icing your ankle for 20 minutes after each run

mahboob k
girlz ar strong just fight it
keep runnin
the pain will soon wear off
if u put pain on ir u should gt used to it
or go back to that palace maybe show a doctr#or

Ginsi Bonsai
I would rest your ankle by doing low impact exercises like cycling. You can still ice the area to decrease swelling and inflammation. Anti-inflammatory over the counter medications can also decrease the inflammation. Try ibuprofen (if you do not have an allergy to NSAID-Non steroidal anti inflammatory drug). You can take that every four hours and it will build in your system so you can walk throughout the day. You should also apply a bandage for compression around the ankle for increased splint-like support. They can be purchased at a drug store, just for ankles and some for knees.

I would see a Doctor as soon as you can so that an X-ray or scan can be performed to ensure you don't have a stress fracture or a sprain.

Rock Brigade
You should talk to your doctor about it.

try getting a brace for your ankle. thats what i did when I had a weak ankle and it worked quiet well

You probably just sprained something or pulled something in your ankle... but you should use the RICE method to let it heal... R= rest I= ice C= compression and E= elevation. Take a few days off from running/jogging and rest it. Ice it for 20 minutes every few hours and elevate it while icing. To compress it you can use an ace wrap or an ankle brace... once you get back into running/jogging you might want to keep the ace wrap or ankle brace on. Take pain meds. like Ibuprofen (Motrin) for pain and swelling. If it still hurts in a couple of days call your doctor to get it checked out. I hope this helps and I hope your ankle feels better.

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