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 Chest pain?
i was in at the docs and told i had broncitus, i was given pills and that was 3 days ago, and told if my chest pain worsened togo in. so it did yesterday got really bad and spread from my right breat ...

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 Why doesnt God heal amputees?
Do the missing limbs of an amputee pop back out of nowhere after a god-fearing person prays for them
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If god wants you to feel compassion, I think hearing about the ...

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I no it will but how bad was the pain from 1 to 10 (10 being the worst pain and 1 hardly anything) and how did you break your arm .. or any other bone? because i am 15 years old and female and never ...

 Bruises on 2 yo daughter
My daughters mother and I share custody and we have a visitation schedule. The weekend I got her she had black and blue bruises on her left thigh and on the left side of her face. She has a cut ...

 How many bones have u broke?
11 for me :P

pinky, left arm 3 times,right arm 3 times,collarbone,nose, jaw, and thumb ...

 PLZ!!! PLZ HELP!!!...{my son is very sick}?
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ok first it started out as a little cold so i was like "dont worry ull get better"but it DIDNT work so like 2 days later he ...

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i just jumped off my trampoline but my left foot fell down my brothers golf hole dont ask it is rimmed mith plastic
but now there seems to be a reddish purple lump on the outside of my foot (...

 Should employeers turn their backs on employees when they ask for accident report or workers comp.papers?
after you hurt yourself.
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I recently had Anterior Cervicle Decompression Fusion at 2 levels c4-5 c5-6. This is the most painful surgery I ever have had and no income ...

 Do you think that cutting is wrong?

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I do cut and I would like it if you didnt say the they need to get locked up in a straight jacket if people do becuase its not true they do it to escape thing well ...

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Someone I know is pregnant and her fingers are a bit swollen, her wedding/engagement rings are not too stuck to get off. Any ideas to remove them. They tried the windex on the finger, and putting the ...

 Why do I bruise so easily?
It's not hemophilia, because I am not fully caucasian...


 Do you have a long wait to see your Doctor?
am i being a pain or do you think three weeks to see you'r GP is a long time.? I have fallen out with my sugery because i am fed up with the long wait, if we get ill or have flu, we cant get an ...

 How to break an arm???
i have to do swimming in pe and i really really really dont want to. my parents wont excuse me- if i dont break something imma have to cut everyday and get a f. how do you break an arm, ive tried ...

 Girlfriend broke her neck at c5 and c6 she is not able tomove from chest down, after surgery today what is her

Is putting Purell hand sanitizer (accidentally) on cuts harmful in any way?
I got a relatively deep cut on the palm of my hand and I'm a regular Purell user. Will using Purell be harmful or affect how fast the cut heals?


No, it should be OK. Purell has a lot of alcohol in it, so it might smart a bit if some of it gets into the cut. Anyways, you should probably keep the cut covered until it heals. A doctor has told me (I scraped my foot with a rusty nail once) to keep any wound that you have covered for a week or so since scabbing could cause a scar and scar tissue.

Levi W
Very doubtful. Purell is non-toxic, so all you would recieve from ingestion would (possibly) be a stomach ache.

Make sure to wash the area throroughly with water and keep it bandaged.

No, it has alcohol in it. It may burn but it won't be bad for your cut.

xGeistx tgih
One thing's for sure - it will sting like no tomorrow. I don't think it has any adverse effects (depending on cut severity) as I believe I have done this before, but maybe just water-washing for awhile....

Sandy Sandals
No as long as it's no longer bleeding.

funny, i asked my doctor that last tuesday and she said only if the cut is extremely deep, if so it can get in your blood stream and cause you to feel naucious or dizzy

oh that sounds great. that's pretty painful but you know it's only helping the situation. i've done the same thing and it burned but it was oddly satisfying knowing it would only make things better. No I'm not a cutter if that's what you're thinking. make sure its dry and throw on a bandaid and it should only help.

it could make it sore
put a bandage over it and the purell every where but there
to much purell is not a good thing either it can wash of so many germs we can build up a resistance to it

Baby no.2 Sydney due anytime now
No not harmful just burns like heck..

jd ma
No, it will probably help.

Don't look at my avatar.
not at all. if anything, it will disinfect the area. yeah, it'll sting, but you'll e fine.

no it could actually help keep the cut clean. its a hand sanitizer and is basically the same as putting alcohol on a wound 2 help disinfect it

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