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Jerrell N
Is my pinky finger (left hand) sprained, dislocated, or broken?
One month ago, I fell on my pinky playing basketball (I tripped over someone's foot). The pain was unbearable as it began to swell up. I've tried everything from warm water with epsom salt, buddy tape, wrapped, and an ice pack. Though I've shown myself slight improvement with bending it, I can't clutch it into a fist. I'm thinking the ligaments in my finger are damaged as compared to ankles. Otherwise, it's swollen still (never been black or blue, or no bone flapping around). Hands are slow healers I'm assuming, but any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Additional Details
Update: I forgot to mention the swelling is occuring around the joint (the part in the middle of your finger where the fingers bend). From there on down it's swolled and it hurts mainly in that area when I try to bend it. When I open my hand outward, it's fine though...

with a break it would be black and blue

with a dislocations it would look out of place.

sounds like you have a nasty sprain. head to a drug store and get a splint or some tape and tape it to the finger it's next to and let it be for a week or so.

arsenic sauce
hmm if that was a whole month ago then it was probably a fracture or something.... it sounds severe

you should go to the doctor and get an x-ray so they can see exactly what's going on and you can get a splint or something... so it can heal better.

do go! my dad's pinky is like... permanently scrunched up. he can't straighten it. so go to the doctor so you won't end up with a bum pinky!

first of all, go to a doctor! you probably need an x-ray to figure it all out. until then, when i have weird pain i usually type in my symptoms on a health Web site that will give you a list of potential answers. Go to:

it sounds broken,if it was sprained ,dislocated or anything not serious,it would have healed,by now...it's been a month,i suggest you go to the doctor ,and see what's really going on with your finger...Don't waste time...

hard to say vist the docter and you can find a docter if you have a computer

Sqeeze each joint a little, then sqeeze the bones between the joints.

If you get pain in one of the joints the finger has been jammed or sprained. Cold packs and immobilize the finger with a splint.

If you get pain on one of the bones you have a break, go to a doctor.

Lori P
if your pinky finger was broken: everythime u bent it it would be in excruciating pain
if it was dislocated: it would look crooked or bent up
if it is sprained: in a few days after the accident it should be almost as good as new

Without an x-ray it is hard to tell but after a month splinting is not going to help. Probably wll take a few months to a year to get your full range of motion back and might be bent a bit permanently. Just keep working it out, by opening/closing your hand.

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