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 Is it weird that I haven't broken a bone?
I am pretty hard core and fall a lot but have never broken a bone.

Have You? Which one? How?...

 I've recently developed a lump under my eye. The area was hurting a few days ago and now it's swollen and sore
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 My dad is in a care home and ever time i go to see him he has a black eye and finger marks all up his arms?
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 I fell on my arm and i cant move it....
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Ω†♡Kim with Issy and Jade♡†Ω
Is it possible to break a bone and not even KNOW you have a broken bone?
how is that Possible? I mean, the pain, MY GOD the Pain... how can you not know you have a broken bone?

Very much so. That's why they do X rays, to see if it's a broken bone. If it's not broken, it could be a ligament or a torn muscle, which is also very painful. Go to a doctor, they are the only ones that can tell what's really going on.

Kelly P
I broke my wrist and didn't know it until the next day. And I broke my leg when I was hit by a car, hospital wouldn't x-ray it. Doctor's didn't know it was broken until 6 weeks after the accident. It's totally possible not to notice.

DR Yankee30™(retired)
Yes, it's possible, and it happened to me. I fell off my bike when I was young and smashed my face, so I was in the ER waiting room for 3 HOURS holding ice on my cheekbone, which we thought I broke, and when I took the X-rays, we found my hand was broken, not my cheekbone. Those entire 3 hours I was holding the ice in that hand, not knowing it was broken.

yeah its possible. Is it black and blue

If your in a althletic event you might have the adrenaline pumping so much that you don't feel it.
Also, If one is high on PCP it would be hard to tell if you had a broken bone.

I think so,,,and you just take the pain until,, one day you say something is wrong,, hmmm

yes. i broke a rib when i was little and no one knew and so it had to heal itself unproperly and now it sticks out just a little further than the other rib.

I've broken bones in both my hand and foot and didn't go to the doc until they still hurt weeks later. I never figured either had been broken, but just bruised. Didn't hurt as badly as I thought a broken bone should, I guess.

The Guru
In House (TV Show), the actor broke (acted) her toe. She didnt realize because of the cold conditions (she was in Antarctica). The cold temps acted as an ice pack.

« Galina »
definetely!! My older sister's pinky finger has always been crooked....it can't open straight because the skin is smaller than the finger...so at 14 she went to check it at a doctor's....

Turns out her finger broke when she was little like 2 years old or smaller..and no one knew...so it just healed by itself...and healed incorrectly by the way...

so if u have any doubt of broken bones...go check itout....better than being scarred for life!!

It's very possible, most people have some form of bone damage and walk about with out known it , if the pain is severe, go and See a Doctor

Oh yeah! Twice.
Stress or hair-line fractures, left untreated, opened into bones breaks.
One on my wrist, inside the ulna. Thought it was just sprained until I woke up 4 days after it happened and my wrist was curled under.
Same thing with my ankle, thought it was a bad sprain, playing rugby.
Instead of getting better over 6 days, it got worse.

Tortilla Boy
I would probably feel the pain! It will hurt like hell!!

Yes, it is possible. Most stress fractures are not detected until they are almost healed. I broke my hand and didn't know it until my boss sent me to the hospital, my hand was swollen.

hello beautiful
Yeah it's possible, especially in your foot.

Two words... stress fracture. Oh the pain, yet you're sure it's no big deal.

What have you got girl? Think you have a break? Let me guess mid-foot? The old metatarsals?

You are a warrior.

Yes it is possible and actually happened to me in my foot. It could be a minor bone that is broken and the major pain comes when it doesn't heal back properly.

Cali C.
Yea, I would say it's possible especially for small bones and you wouldn't know it because of all the adrenaline.

Made it to 20 ...now what??
yes its possible. when i was like 12 i fell off something broke a bone in my wrist. didnt know it forlike a week. it took a week to start hurtingg!!

yes i work in an ER and we actually had a pt that came in today said she had fallen on concrete about 2 weeks ago ....her friend was actually brought up here in an ambulance and she just figured that since she was up here she would go ahead and have her elbow checked out because it hasnt' quit hurting since her fall...it was broken

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