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 Why do I wake in the morning with a pulled muscle in my inner calf?
For the past year or two I've been waking up in the morning with my inner calf hurting like crazy; it feels like a pulled muscle and it hurts A LOT. I used to wake up to these pulled muscles ...

 I fell on my wrist, what could it be?
I feel hard the other day, with most of the pressure on one hand. Now my wrist hurts going up the side of my arm by that bone that sticks out. I know I didn't break the bone. And I'm not ...

 Knee problem. Should I demand more from my doctor?
I have had a knee problem since I was 12 years old. I was running across the street the next step my knee gave out and I crashed like a ton of bricks. It felt like my lower leg went one way and my ...

 Will this affect me playing soccer?
My toenail is basically dead and will most likely have to be removed (its my big toe)
Can I still play soccer if It is removed?
What is the general recovery time?...

 I've got a ganglian on my wrist?
it's been there for years. sometimes its worse than others. when its big i find it embarrasin but i also find it uncomfortable when i flex my wrist. what exactly is a ganglian, will i always ...

 Does anyone have any ideas of how to break if not just injure yourself, like an arm or leg or foot...?
Nothing too serious, just enough to not allow to play a sport....
I know I must sound insane, but this is an actual non-joking question....I just need something wrong, like a break, maybe a ...

 I have a blister type thing on my toe on my left foot..from idk what but its there what do i do???? it hurts?
i walked home today and my toe was killin me so i took of my shoes and socks looked at my foot saw my toe and theres a blister type thing on it... how do i get rid of it??
Additional Details...

 Do you have any really great stories about a scar you have?

 How do you know if you have broken a bone in your foot?
Earlier I tripped up and my foot is agony! I actually cant put any pressure on it or anything and I think I might have broken a bone :-| although I can move my toes but it is still agony when I do it!...

 Should i use this ice pack?
so i work at an office in a hotel, and my foot is swollen (long story, but i cant go home) so room service brought down 2 ice packs...one is an air tight sealed pack full of ice, the other is a "...

 I have pulled a muscle in my calf (on the inside)it wont go away has anybody got a cure?

 How can I stop being nervous about my scoliosis surgery?
I'm going to have scoliosis surgery in december. i'm gonna have to miss 2 months of school, not to mention have a 13-in scar down my back for the rest of my life. and i've been a ...

 Cramped muscle...what is this disease?
I am swimming at a pool without warming up before swimming. Coz I'm a beginner swimmer, i am excited. I challenges my friends to compete swimming back and forth many times. Suddenly, i scream as ...

 Should i see surgeon?
here's my question. i have a mass upper right part of abdomen. seen my doctor, he said it was not a hernia. then he ordered a ct scan. that came back showing nothing. now my dr wants me to ...

 My knuckle is badly swollen, how can I fix it?
So about 5 months ago I was testing for a belt in Tae Kwon Do, and while breaking a board I hurt my knuckle and it swelled up and got a little bit bigger. So today I got mad and punched the floor, ...

 My parents dont belive me...Do I actually brake it to where a bone sticks out so they do belive me.?
we are playing pickelball It is like a wooden pickel ball padel basicly a wooden padel Some kid hit me on the top of my hand with the wooden padel full force and my hand swelled u of course I sticked ...

 BROKEN wrist! ICE or HEAT!?
I broke my wrist 2 weeks ago and I have a splint on. It is still a bit swollen and a bit uncomfortable. Should I be applying ice or heat at this period to make the swelling go down? T...

 How many injuries does it take before one stops partying so heavy?

 Is there any kind of wrist exercises i can do to make my wrist feel better?
i was hit by a car less than 3 months ago and i was taken to the hospital for treatment on numerous things but they only said my wrist was sprained...it does feel alot better than it did the day ...

 How can I fix my swollen fingers?
My kind brother "accidentally" slammed my fingers in the car door and now they r swollen. I haved Iced them alot and taken a motrin butthey r still in a lot of pain. I dont thin they r ...

Is drug testing mandatory when seeing a doctor about temporary state disability due to an injury?
Is testing positive for Marijuana reason to be turned down for temporary state disability benefits?

I cannot imagine that any kind of drug testing would be involved.

But don't worry, because if it is, it will be classed as a disability!

Vincent Valentine
yeah cuz tehy wana kn if u where ****** up when u got hurt


Sexy Micheda
ofcourse it is

Bob the Boat

I am not a drug-user apart from ciggies & beers.
But after been mown down by a bloke as high as the proverbial kite last year, in his ancient Volvo, he pleaded some sort of temporary insanity in court.

20 hrs community service, and I got £150 compensation for three days in hospital.

If I ever meet the bu^^er again, I will thump him.
Druggy, so I hope that he comes to no use in society.


Yes testing positive for any illegal substance is, or prescription medication that has not been prescribed to oyu. And yes, in most states it is mandatory during time of application and while receiving benefits.

Generally, yes, but it could vary from state to state on whether or not this is a "requirement" or if it's just recommended.

I'd recommend checking with your local state government to be sure. Didn't the people who discussed your state benefits go over this with you? If not, I would suggest talking to them first. Perhaps call them and don't give any of your information, just ask the question.

Beautiful Loser
If it isn't then it should be. Unless it's a case of medically authorized use. ;)

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