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If your right leg aches. Which side do use a walking stick?

Tact is highly overrated
You use a cane with the weak leg, so the right in your instance.

your right so you don't put weight on it.

Which ever feels better for you. I would suggest trying the left for standing so you lean away from the bad leg or the right for walking so you put the weight on the stick not the leg. But have you been to see your doctor?

your right side... it "takes the place" of your right leg.
so your right is right !!!


Gadis Neutral
Right, to support your right leg.

On the same side as the bad leg.

Right of course.....glad you're not my doctor!

Bob Sacamanno

"Your Middle Leg"... Hope you fall over

the rightttttttt one

I've been using a cane for years and always use it on the side opposite my weak leg. In my case, it's my left leg that needs assitance so I use the cane on my right side.

Outspoken but Honest
Well that's a good one as my brother is a bit deaf in his right ear and was giving a hearing aid for his left ear?

claire y
The opposite side. So in your case it is your right leg so you will be using the stick on the left. Your physio/doctor should have told you this. If you havent seen one, please do not use someone elses walking stick, it can do more damage than good.

The people who said the opposite side are correct.

On the opposite side from the bad leg, so in your left hand. Then you walk good-leg / bad-leg-and-stick.

Otherwise you end up walking like Herr Flick of the Gestapo, with stick and leg moving as one.

If your right leg aches. You use the cane on the "left side" to
take the "pressure off your right leg," when you are applying
pressure to it while walking. I know several people who use
canes or walking sticks.
The walking stick always goes in the "opposite hand" of the
"bad leg. Ask your doctor for verification. MC. *~<}:-})>

I know when I had my left hip replaced, the doctors told me to use a walking stick/cane on my RIGHT side only. You always use it on the side that's opposite of the one that's hurt or injured. When you take a step, move the walking stick and your leg forward together. This will support your bad leg.

If it doesn't hurt too bad, I use the cane on my left side to help my right leg. If it hurts real bad than I use it on the right side to support my leg.

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