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 Cleaning up dried blood...?
When my dad died a month ago, he hit his head very hard and blood was pooled around his body from the wound. I've just now gotten the OK as executor of the will to go in and start cleaning crap ...

 How to heal cuts quickly?
A friend of mine has cuts all over her arms and legs, and she has swimming in PE in about 2 weeks. How to heal them before then? Hers are relatively light and shallow. So, any way to heal them?

 My arm hurts baDDDD?
ok i have a trampoline and i was jumping on it and i landed wrong and fell on my wrist hard!! if i turn it to the right to far it hurts really baddly and my mom just doesnt care at all and i need ...

 My anus just fell out now what do i do?
It happened last night. I was ballet dancing in front of my husband and next thing i know my anus is on the floor. My husband was so disgusted he botulated all over the place. now i'm so deeply ...

 Have I sprained my finger?
Earlier I was looking for something in a cupboard and I had my hand on the floor. I knocked a pyrex jug (which is quite heavy) from the second shelf of the cupboard and it fell so the rim hit my ...

 My shoulder blade hurts so bad and my muscle in my arm hurts too....?
i hurt my arm (muscle) when i was on the wii sports and was boxing. i should have stopped when my arm started hurting but wanted to beat my brother.. and now it is killing me..
then my shoulder ...

 Is the thumb considered a finger?

 I cut myself and im loosing too much blood, what do i do?
i accidentally cut my hand the cut is like 5cm across

its been bleeding for a good 15 minutes now and it won stop

im loosing a lot of blood, what should i do?

im in ...

 Is it possible to hit your funny bone by yourself?

 Open sore on labia minora! HELP!?
okay so ive been having troubles
down there lately. two days ago
i woke up, went to pee, and when i
wiped i felt the most horrible pain ever.
i took a mirror, spread my legs, a ...

 Oww... I have a knee problem...?
I have a knee problem from soccer. I am 13 and I went to the Children's Hospital in St. Louis. The doctor's there thought it might be a heart problem or something to do with my blood. They ...

 OMG is this possible? Very simple question? I need help?
I sprained my ankle a month ago and yesterday and school I was just slowly moving the ankle around getting it moving and I heard a crack, a realy loud one. It sounded like a snap kinda but mostly a ...

 Injured Ankle?
Well, a month or so ago I fell down some stairs and hurt my ankle. I thought nothing about it, just that it hurt VERY badly! It hurt for about three weeks VERY badly, though I forced myself to walk ...

 Is it a serious issue to have a big bruise 3 days after giving blood?
I didn't notice it until today, but I have a large bruise around the site I gave blood on Thursday. Is this a problem or is it a common occurence? The blood tech. said she had to draw from a ...

 My left hand is half numb, only the pinky and ring finger. there is slight sensation. can anyone help me?
i have looked a few things up and still cant figure it out. i dont think its caparal tunnel because its starts from your thumb to your middle finger, never your pinky. im so confused. is it life ...

 I have a bump right under my chin that hurts when I put pressure on it what do you think it is?
I didn't hit my chin on anything, and it isn't briused....

 I have glass in my finger?!?!?
a few months ago we were doing an experiment in science using microscopes. the microscpe cver slides were made of VERY thin glass.

well i was holding one of those and i accidentaly ...

 Is it normal for both my ankles i sprained over 4 years ago to still be swollen?
I sprained both my ankles one over 4 years ago while doing cross country and the other about 3 years ago playing basketball. They are both still swollen is that normal....

 Son fell off bike cut knee now it's slightly red around the injury and he is saying it is painfull to walk????
he has a couple of pretty bad scrapes, this was a fall from 4 days ago and the cuts are a little red and maybe slightly swollen i have used peroxide to clean them out .unless he had complained about ...

 Little Toe has gone purple for no reason (Picture)?
This afternoon my little toe turned purple and has swollen up, I am also in pain from this. The weird thing is I have not dropped anything on it, does anyone know what has caused this and should I ...

If you slam your fingers in the car door is your auto ins supposed to cover it or medical ins?
My mother in law smashed her fingers ion the car door, when she went to the ER to have it looked at the hospital told her that her medical insurance would not cover it and that her auto insurance would have to pay the claim. Is this right? It was not an auto accident so why should she have to make a claim? This is just outrageous to me!!!

that looks like the medical should cover it, or else i suggest you file a case, get a lawyer,sometimes they do this to get u to pay up

Wendy P
sorry, I don't wanna sound rude, but what is outrageous is that she went to the ER just because she smashed her fingers with the car door!!! give me a break!!, I bet the guys in the er had a laugh at it.

See your doctor, Er tends to not be bothered with small stuff. Emergencies are their specialty

I think her med. insurance should pay for it. What does it matter how it happened...ya know...she broke her finger or atleast hurt it real bad and thats a med. problem.

Y would her medical insurance not cover that? Isn't that what medical insurance is for? What if she had slammed her fingers in the front door of her house? Does that mean that she would have to make a claim on her homeowners insurance?

yes well i'm sure the car intentionally smashed itself onto her fingers.....this is outrageous!!! the er should def file her medical insurance NOT her auto insurance....the hospital is wrong!!

Her medical insurance might cover it if she visits a doctor over the injury. Auto insurance would not cover a medical expense unless it was involved with an accident.

Erica B
You just have to love the insurance advice that ER registration personel give. It should be submitted as a medical claim not an auto insurance claim. Auto insurance is for collisions, not slammed fingers.

This can be claimed under the Medical Payments provision of the automobile policy. Injuries related to a crash, in, upon, exiting, enterring a motor vehicle are covered. Pedestrians hit by a car can make the same claim under their own auto policy.

She does not "have" to make a claim. But her health carrier may think the auto carrier is the primary insurance for the situation. Best to check with a claims adjuster for the auto insurance. She may want to ask the question via her agency first before making the actual claim. They monitor claim frequency.

Also, tell her to have the bill sent directly to her (self-pay). She can then submit it to the carrier of her choice and wait for a response. The ER (I believe) is correct but they are not in the business of determining coverage. This is especially true when they don't have the policy language sitting in front of them like a claim representative would.

basque girl
nope she has to pay the bill herself.

why not try it and file a claim!!

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