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 Please help?
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 Ankle hurts..?
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 Why cant i get on disability?
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 Ingrown toenails?
Since last year I have started to get ingrown toenails, they hurt so bad and what is up with me getting them all of a sudden? Do they go away? What should I do? I hear to cut them out bt I can barley ...

I tore the tendons on my foot what do I do?
Hi I tore and damaged the tendons on my left foot and boy does it hurt. What can I do to help it to heal faster? Walking is my only form of transportation and I have a dog I have to walk too. So it's always swollen. If you know how to help this foot of mine to heal faster please let me know thanks.

Chloe G
go see a doctor


Sierra E
antiinflammatories eleveation at night and whirlepool if avail., Look in to getting a bicycle because itis a lower impact on the feet.

charles w
You HAVE to stay off of your foot for at least two months, it is the only way it will heal right. I tore a tendon in my foot and tried to walk on it after a few days, and even though it hurt like hell, I still continued to walk on it. That was two years ago and my foot never healed right, it still hurts when I turn my foot a certain way. STAY OFF OF YOUR FOOT!

A shot glass of tart cherry juice with a dash of the spice's Turmeric and Cinnamon in some other strong juice would act as an inflamatory. You can find tart cherry juice in some health food stores and it is worth the cost. I would also take two supplements...gotu kola for reconnecting tissue and MSM as an anti-inflamatory and healing supplement.

did u get an x-ray ????

your biggest problem isnt your foot

if you dont want your foot cut offi seggest you be still for a while.

Jefferson C
Tape your foot starting from the outside and pulling the tape under your foot and ending up on the inside. Start right behind the toes and work your way back to the heel. After you have about two rows on you foot lock it on by putting some tape around from one side of your foot around the heel to the other.

you should go get it checked out by a doctor, see how torn it is, because if its completely torn that can result in injury, otherwise they'll wrap it up with a splint for a few weeks.

las vegas golfer

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