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 Help! What is this black mark on my cheek? Its only just got there?
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Pray tell me gentle ...

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 What fun things can I do with a broken arm?

 Help please...I'm cutting myself when I fight with my mom!?
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 I kicked a glass and I cut my toe..?
There was a glass cup on the floor and i didnt see and i kicke dit and i cut my toe. So it happened over an hour and a half ago, but its still bleeding. And trust me, I have never seen more blood at ...

hey its me, Dani!!
I tore something in my knee..and it hurts...:(?
i went to the doctor on tuesday(i went skiing on monday, this is how this all happened) and he said i tore a miniscal thing under my knee cap, and another legament thing right by it. now i am in a knee immobilizer, and on crutches. i have to go to a bone/knee specialist on friday(tomorrow) to see if i have to have surgery on it. has anyone ever had something happen to this to them? did they have to do surgery on it? did they put any pins/bolts/ect. in it? im used to surgery, but i am kind of scared :'(
i am a girl,12 yrs. old, and play football (in a boys league), and i bowl,do you think i will be healed by the end of april for my state bowling thing?and do you think i will recover by june/july for football practice????
i really hope i will be because i love sports. :'(

if you can help, thank you!
(ouch my knee. it hurts sooooooo bad)
Additional Details
oh and yes, i am having the arthroscopy thing (thats what the drs said)

Arthroscopy is commonly used in knee surgeries. It allows for a rapid return to improved activity. I'm sure you will get back to your sports routine soon if you properly follow your physiotherapist's instructions after the surgery.

To learn more about arthroscopy check out http://healthbase-blog.blogspot.com/2007/02/how-is-arthroscopic-surgery-performed.html.

Good luck!

Yes...as a matter of fact, I am getting ready to have surgery number FIVE on the same knee..this time for total knee replacement...I have had my knee 'scoped 4 times...the make three tiny holes in the knee and look around and repair any damage...a meniscal tear is easily corrected..they just remove the torn part..you most likely won't even have any stitches...since the holes are so small, unless they have to do more once they are in there...
NO pins, no bolts...unless you've broken the leg and need it pinned in place...which doesn't sound like you did...sometimes, in someone so young, they will hold off surgery to see if your body can take care of it itself..(depends on how bad the tear is)...
Go to WebMD and look up "arthroscopy" which is what the surgery is called that they would do, if needed, to your knee...

A tear of the meniscus will not heal itself. The damage tissue will most likely be removed and recovery will be possible. Depending upon the severity of the tear other approaches may be taken. What other ligament did you tear? If you tore your ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) or MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) surgery may be required to repair that as well. A torn ACL or MCL is a long road to recovery and could possibly lead to weakness in the future. At your age recovery Should be very possible and will most likely be complete. It is much easier for younger people to recover from injuries than it is for older people.

Good luck with you knee

my 13 yr old daughter plays spots year around. she did the same thing playing basket ball she had to have surgery. the surgery wasnt to bad on her. she had to stay in bed for a week so her knee could start to heal then start theropy. she is now wearing a brace and still going to theropy. she had surgery about 1 month ago and has 3 more months of theropy before she can do sports.

Yvonne B
be careful in life I don't think that you will have too much trouble with it for you to deal with but be thankful that you aren't around 50 and in need of knee replacement surgery where they put a whole metal contraption in it after excavating to make room for one like my aunt had done and my brother needs to have done.
take good care in life so that your knee doesn't lose natural material in it and start causing the upper bone to rub on the lower bone and twist your leg around and mess up your hip way later in life.

Don't give up on anything! I mean seriously look at Carson Palmer [from the Benagls] he tore both major tendons in his knee and made full recovery and played this past season. If you end up having surgery you'll be layed up for a while. My dad has had ACL surgery once on both knees and he was unable to activities for about 3 months. I too have and arthroscopy surgery, however it was in the shoulder and I had completely shoulder reconstruction at age 17. I know exactly what you mean by scary. My guess is that if they do surgery you may not be able to bowl in April. Football will be questionable. Your doctor will tell you what you can and cannot do as you progress.

Hang in there & good luck!

Shelly t
I like the first answer where she has had 5 and now has to have surgery that should tell you something. I would plan on giving up football forever. bowling you will eventually get back to. my friend just had knee surgery and it has to be redone he is not happy. It was not fun. It is something that has to be done so deal with that but don't plan on being 100% ever again

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