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I stubbed my toe, and now it's black. Will it go away on it's own, or do I need to do something??
I think it's blood in there... there's a hint of dark dark dark maroon

ya its probably blood. Try soaking it in Epsom salt, then ice. If that doesnt work, run hot hot water and put a wash cloth under the water and put it on the toe and squeeze. Hope I helped!

that happened to someone i know, and it went away a bit but it's still a bit blackish. you should probably get it checked out.

Fast Papi
The black indicates trauma with subcutaneous hematoma - yes, it's blood :-)
There is little that can be done, or should be done, unless there are chances of complications from continued bleeding or obvious and serious fracture such as when the toe is pointing in a different direction than before, etc. The toe will heal by itself whether there is a fracture or not; more likely than not it is not fractured. You'll just have to bear it for a few days. It helps to tape the injured toe to the one next to it to limit its mobility; that's usually what they will do at the E.R.

Might be broke.

Kevin U
You may have a broken bone. I don't believe you can do anything except put a splint on either side of the toe to immobilize it and then wrap it with tape. Don't cut off the circulation. You must allow it to breathe in order for it to heal. Wear a loose fitting sandal or slipper on the foot when traveling. If you don't see any improvement in a weeks time, have a doctor examine it.

Maverick ®
It is blood under the skin layers below the nail. If it wasn't stubbed to hard, the nail will grow out the discoloration. If it was pretty hard, the nail will gradually fall off with a replacement nail. Nothing you can do.

My nail became bruised when it got crushed under a hockey stick. There was a large black spot on it. However, as days passed, it grew out as I cut my nails. If its similar to that, then it should just grow out. If it is almost completely black, it may actually fall out. That would be pretty painless and a new nail will grow back.

that happened to me once
theres nothing a doctor can do
it will be there for quite a while like a long time and it is dried up blood you could try to cut the nail down to get to the blood but trust me all you will find is dried up blood and it will go away after a while!

Godzilla Gal
Take a pain reliever and use an ice pack . If you think it may be broken have an x-ray taken at a medical clinic . It may just be a soft tissue injury ... Could take a month or so to heal . Sorry to hear you got hurt , take care .

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