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I stabbed myself with a knife...?
Just last night, I accidentally stabbed myself with a small kitchen knife with a bit of force to the palm of my hand, to the fleshy part near my thumb. The wound is less than a cm wide and it didn't bleed very much but it burned. I am having problems moving my thumb now and there is pain about a half an inch from the wound at the very bottom part of my thumb. Its not red or swollen. Is it possible that I damaged a tendon or muscle and do I need a tetanis shot? I was using the knife previously to core apples. When I stabbed myself, it was because I was trying to cut the hard plastic ties off the package of an apple peeler. Serious answers only please!
Additional Details
I can move my thumb but its painful to do that. It never felt numb, just a painful burning sensation.

go to the doctor. they have a lot of answers,but not as much as god. you need to pray about it.

way to go, what you are experiencing is normal as a wound heals, if you actually loose movement then go to the doctor, a tetanis shot is always a good idea after a metal cut, but only if you havent had one for 7 years, be more careful next time

Lori S.
You should get to your doctor or the hospital if the bleeding doesn't stop, and go within 24 hours.
If you havent had a tetanus shot it would be a good idea
I don't think you meant to stab yourself just call it cutting yourself
and it was an accident

Please go see a doc right away. It is possible that you did some damage. better safe than sorry. BTW..i was always cutting my self when i cooked. I went out and bought a pair of cooking gloves. they felt good and i never did cut my self again.

I would go to the doctor. If uou haven't had a tetnus in the last 5 years, get one to be safe.

go to the doctors

Kaitlin B
all i can say is go see a doctor...hope you can move your thumb now!

forest lover
go see a doctor immediately!

+ before u get there,keep it very clean.put bandages over it.

seek medical attention now before it get worse

time to seek medical attention - pronto - ahora- NOW

and the longer you wait = the more damage may be happening - and harder to correct

you may have cut into the tendon or nerves so my suggestion is to go to the doctors ASAP!!

Go to a doctor and don't guess. It could be a number of things including nerve. And Yes, they probably will recommend a tetanus shot just to be safe.

Yes if you are not up to date with your tetanus jabs you may need another one, although I have heard once you have had a certain number they consider you protected for life. As to the injury to your hand, you need to go to your nearest Accident & Emergency Department, or to your doctor first thing in the morning. You might have severed a tendon and that may be why you're having trouble moving the thumb. In the meantime keep the wound clean and if it bleeds apply firm pressure until it stops, then apply a clean sterile dressing until you can get to the doctor or hospital.

yes, you may have cut a tendon or something, got the knife in the joint itself, which will cause pain on movement. either way, you should get it looked at as soon as you can. there is a lot less skin to protect the thumb as opposed to if you had cut your upper leg or hand or something. Good luck!

Get medical attention as soon as you can, you may well have done some damage to the deeper tissues. You may be wise to have a tetanus injection to cover you "just in case"...;

there are quite a few nerves in that are of you hand as well that tell your thumb to move. You may have damaged on of these. It wouldn't hurt to get a new tetnus. I think that we give them for a possible exposure if it has been longer than like 2-3 yrs after the past one. Also you need a preventative every 10 yrs or 5 if you travel outside of the united states.

If the cut isn't too deep that it didn't bleed much, I'm certain you didn't damage any tendons or muscle. you may have bruised the area on the inside, I would still have it check out though. If you haven't had a tetanis shot within the last ten years, then you should get one, just to be on the safe side.
hope this helped! good luck

You should wash the cut as soon as possible, for bleeding use direct pressure for at least 10mins, no peeking. Elavate you arm higher than you heart. If no bleeding, yes, you should have a tetanis shot, if you have not had one in the last few years. You may have hurt a tendon , but what you also need to watch for especially if it is red, swollen and hot to the touch is Cellulitis.More than likely you just have a cut and all will be well in a few days. But watch for the symptoms I just told you about, because cellulitis can spread rapidly and is nasty.Take something for pain, keep it covered with some antibotic cream and band-aid.Try moving your thumb from time to time and see if it loosens up. If problems persist check with your doc. Watch for the symptoms I mentioned because cellulitis is no joke.

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