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I smashed my fingernail. Now 25% of it is black near the base. Will I lose my nail?
Or will it grow out? If it grows out, how long will it take? What can I do to make it look normal again? Should I grab a pliers and pull it off? Does eating jello for gelatin make it grow faster?

Jeff W
This happened to me. You will lose your nail, but a new nail is growing underneath. You will be just fine.

amy l

p v
No. I've done this. The blackness is coagulated blood. Unfortunately the black will slowly move to the end of your finger as the nail grows out. You really need to severly injure the root of the nail to have a chance of loosing it.

I've done that before and man did it hurt. The nail did fall off about a week after I smashed it. And it takes a very long time to grow back out, like six months. It still doesn't look quite normal but at least it grew back. There's not a lot you can do to make it look more normal other than covering it with a bandaid or something.

mom of 3
NO PLIERS PLEASE!! Yes, you will most likely lose it. I did a few years ago when the same thing happened to me. It takes about 6 months to look normal. Now I am careful everytime I shut a door.

yep i did this too it will start to gorw witha large depression in it then you will see a new nail grow under that one after a couple of months ur new nail will be as good as new. make sure there isnt any blood building up in there. u will feel pressure but if there is u need to make a whole to eleviate it

If ya just did it drill a small hole in the blood part and it should relieve the pressure and pain it may fall and it may not its done don't worry what it looks like.Also if ya loose it the next one will be a lil thicker I know lost many of um.Ought to take about 2 months.

When that happened to me, it took about 5 months for it to grow out and then it busted off when the bruising got closer to the end of my finger.

Kristi D
Don't pull or pick at the nail, it may not fall off, it just depends how deep the injury is. Gelatin never worked for me, but nails do grow stronger and faster in the spring and summer.

so out of conyrol
sorrry to hear about your finger. i know it had to be painful. i have had that done to me before also. depending how bad it is. the majority of people will lose there nail if not half of it.but dont get discourage. it will grow back. good luck

You may lose it. Depends on how bad the injury was. If it just grows out, it will probably take a few months, since it's at the base, so it has farther to grow. It should look normal eventually. Do NOT pull it off with pliers. Not only would that be EXREMELY painful, but you may risk further injury to your finger. Don't think jello will make it grow faster, but it may make it stronger.

While generally I would say yes, my father recently smashed his thumb, and almost the entire thing was black, but he managed to keep his nail.

Just let it heal. It will take time, but you needn't do anything more than keep it clean and protected. It will grow about 1/20th of an inch per week. Drinking or eating products with calcium will make stronger nails, but will not increase the speed with which they'll grow.

you probably wont lose your nail but do nothing to mess up what u messed up already, my mom cut a hole in the nail near the center of the black part, the black part is blood, and the blood came out the the nail got infected and he need to see a doctor, it was long ago , he may have needed surgery, but today u cant tell which nail it was........ so either way u are ok.........

I smashed my nail last September. About half of it turned black and after a couple months a new one started growing in under the black one. The old one hung in there for a long time and completely pulled out from one side of my finger and was very loose; it would catch on things so I finally super glued it to the new nail which was still growing in under the old nail. I didn't pull off the old nail because I figured it served a purpose- it protected the end of my finger.
My new nail didn't grow completely in until about a month ago.
According to Dr. Dean of radio fame eating gelatin will not help your fingernail grow stronger, etc.

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