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Luke N
I partially dislocated my elbow but my doctor says 6 weeks after 3 weeks i think it is way too long?
I think he is trying to just cover his butt. I can already get back shooting hoops. I have full range of motion and it isn't as strong but it's getting there? Can I take my chances or should I wait 3 more weeks?

I've sadly..(being the clumsy *** i am) have dislocated my elbow 4 times!!! (OMG..horrible pain, im with ya!) But He popped it back in (even worse pain but then an instant feeling of relief) so please tell me that your Dr. set your elbow right..

As a kid, I would have to get it popped & set back in & would usually wear a sling for a day or two to rest it and then take it easy for about a week..

The last time I did it was about a year ago, and I followed those same instructions!

Consult another dr, or you can always call the hospital & ask to speak to a triage nurse.

Rene B
No butts being covered here-nothing is definite in medicine. The initial three weeks was just an estimate. I suppose the doctor has examined you again and was convinced you are not yet fit to play again. You yourself said your elbow is not as strong yet. YOu shouldn't have sought treatment from him in the first place if you will have your way.

david r
do like the dr says wait 3 more weeks

the doctor knows the best...
you may feel OK, but some muscle may still injured.
if you dont trust him, get second opinion.
go to different doctor.

Gary S
I would wait the 3 weeks. Even though your elbow feels fine the problem is that when you dislocated the elbow all the tendons and ligaments in the area get stretched and torn and become loose. It takes 6 weeks for these to heal at best, if you try and push your recovery you run the risk of re-dislocating the elbow because those tendons and ligaments do not hold the joint like they used they should. If this happens then your recovery will take longer and you run the risk of possible long term injuries.

john .
take it easy...dont rush it....an injury will take even longer to heal if aggrevated.....a couple weeks more is nothing compared to a lifetime of feeling discomfort.....k

Do what he says or go get a legitamate second opinion. You apparently did a lot of damage ... everyone heals differently!

Reva P
From which medical school did you graduate that you can tell better than your doctor?


jay j

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