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I just got stitches wuts the best way to make them stop hurtin?

Why Is The Rum Always Gone?
Take two advil or put Hydrogen peroxide on it.

Pain Relief Spray.....

cheryl w
take some tylenol and put some aloe vera gel on it

hang out with good old mary-jane

Yank them out with pliers & Staple the wound back together.

cutie pie!
take some tylanol and go to bed

take pain reliever, choose mefenamic acid like ponstan or ibuprofen like advil.. take them 3x a day

Relax it's gonna stop hurting in a week or two but calm down and forget about the pain and get use to it!

bobandsue M
It really is tough to say, depending on where they are and what caused the injury. I hope you feel better, soon. If it's ok with your dr, you could put ice in a baggy with alittle water, wrap it in a towel, and hold the cold over your dressing. Did the dr. give you any prescription medicine? I can't give medical advice, but taking something over the counter, like ibuprofen or acetaminophen might help. Ice packs helped mine.

use the spell check feature, that will cure anything!

I put neosporen(spelling??) on mine and it seemed to make it feel better

I agree with flbuffalo, You should get some antibiotic ointment or cream that also contains some topical pain reliever. Also, take ibuprofen, naprosyn or tylenol.

You don't say where the stitches are on your body, but sometimes a coldpack will help with some of the pain.

Other than that........time heals all wounds.

medications, topical sprays, small amounts booze, and relaxation

i found an ice pack wrapped in a towel so the stiches dont get wet works great.

You can use an anti-biotic creme with pain reliever. I don't remember the name, but a pharmacist will know. Do not use hydrogen peroxide because stitches do not seal the wound.

starting over
Take some advil or aleve. If you can, elevate the injured area. Put some ice on it, but keep it dry. SO wrap your ice in a plastic bag.

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