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B.A. Baracus
I just fell and cracked my head open...it's bleeding a lot...what to do?

no body
you're right you are a fool

CALL 911!!!!

Well you managed to find yourself on the computer....So, it can't be that bad...! Head injuries tend to bleed a lot even if it's not that serious...So, depending on what you did you may want to get a clean towel and apply direct pressure on the wound until it stops bleeding... Once it stops bleeding you want to see how big the cut is by gently washing the area... If you can't get the blood to stop it's best to call 911..So, get your *** off the computer...

Call you family doctor and go to the hospital.

Grab a towel....or two.

Put pressure with a clean towel or shirt on the wound and get to the hospital. Call 911 if you can't get a ride. Don't drive yourself, you might have a concussion and have problems with your vision for a little while.

get off the computer and dail 911. duh

Ask a doctor instead of asking on the internet

So sorry this happened to you B. A. Baracus, if you can get yourself up or if you can't, have someone call 911 for an ambulance to rush you, to the hospital's emergency room.

it will stop soon. you probably only split the skin, doubtful you cracked your skull. if so, then go onto the er and have them check you out. watch for concussions.

I hope that your not joking, I'd go to the Dr. or hospital right away, you could have a concussion. Do you feel sleepy, or having any eye problem ? You may even need stitches. Do you have a lump, is it soft or mushy, with some concussion fluid will leak from the brain, I'm not trying to scare you but this could be quite serious, please seek help !!!!!!

Doctor Cornbread
i would suggest going to the doctor mabye.

how do you type with a cracked-open head? go to the hospital if it's bad.


Pick up that device with the numbers & these two symbols on it: # and *.........when you get that in your hand, press the following numbers: 9 - 1 - 1......tell the nice lady where you are, if in fact you can talk at this point in time, then wait til you hear the loud sirens.........try not to die before they get there!


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