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frosh frosh
I hurt my tailbone. what to do?
I don't think I fractured or sprained it. It just hurts. What should I do to soothe the pain?

get you a doughnut ring to sit on

Lay off the spanking and stuff for a bit.

Sharon R
Try sitting in a warm bath w/Epson Salts water for a short time. Don't use HOT water only lukewarm! That should help take the hurt out for a while, do that a couple times a day for two or three days. If not better,then you should see your doctor for xrays.. Good luck!

Ice will numb the pain but if it persists, see a choiropractor....

take motrin and thats about it.

Grin and bear it! Welcome to the club!!!

Put ice on it, try not to sit down suddenly and harshly, and if you have one of those pillows with a hole in the middle, sit on it. And go to your doctor.

Unfotunately, there isn't much you can do. I hurt mine years ago & the doctor told me to take medicine if it bothers me. I didn't even get x-rays done, because it was useless. Even if I did have a broken tailbone, there was nothing she could do about it. Like she said, "it's not like we can put a cast on it." Take aspirin if it hurts. I would try to sit on soft pillows or lay down instead of sitting until it goes away. Good luck!

You can soak it in some Epsom salt with warm water

Doctor...(one word)

Quit sticking things in it!

Don't sit on it. That's about the only relief I could get when I did it. It went away in about a month or so.

take some tylenol pm's. you won't feel a thing.

Sit on a bag of ice

Was it a drinking mishap? I slipped on some spilled liquor at a bar about 3 years ago. I was nearly sure I'd broke my tailbone. It hurt for MONTHS. I didn't go to the doc because of no insurance. There wasn't much I could do for it. I'd say see your doc just in case. Otherwise, lay on your stomach and try putting ice on it and taking an Advil.

Right on
Oh that hurts....take a hot bath..sit in the hot water for awhile..there is not much that you can do until it heals...it's probably bruised.... ( hic ) you may have to go to the doctor and get pain pills if you can't stand it hurting.....

not anything you really can do except take a pain reliever, maybe a hot, relaxing bath and lots of sleep.

just apply analgesic ointment, and make sure u take oral analgesic as well. if it hurts more try ice compress.....u definitely cant splint it...but if u cant walk and u are feeling... increased back pain...have urself checked.

Gypsy Girl
Get a donut pillow to sit on so you don't irritate it any more.

Change the place you sit.

sOuL dOcToR
Take the Homeopathic remedies ARNICA 200 and RHUS TOX 200 thrice on the first day and after that just once a day and stop thje medication when you start feeling 100% better if the pain still persists after three days add the remedy HYPERICUM 200 to the above mentioned ones and take all three once a day for three days atleast.
Take care and God Bless !
Get well soon !

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