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I hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen?
i hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen. I am not sure if I can still use some ice bacause this happened over 24 hrs ago. any ideas?

Emilee J
Ice will help I am sure

just use ice pack


I think you mean swelling.

You're just going to have to be patient and wait for it to go down over a few days. I'm guessing you have a lump and some bruising? Ideally, putting ice on it immediately is the best course of action, but I guess it might be a little late for that...

just use ice and cold water... and try not to touch it too much...

i think ice will help the s-w-e-l-l-i-n-g, but i dont think it will do anything for your inability to spell.


still use ice.
it'll help

I would recoment an Ice-pack in a wet towel along w/ plenty of sleep it will go down soon enough.


My Michelle
You hit your face???? Beter not be letting anyone hit on ya!! Ice and rest!! Ibuprofen also helps with swelling!


Josh S
try ice

Put some ice on it. Don't worry, I hit my face about a week ago and the swelling went down in about 4-5 days.

Taylor S
ice and advil would be your best bet!


Yes you can still use ice. That's your best bet...20 min on 10 min off..cover the icepack with a towel or something though.

Z Devil Himself
whatcha it it with

ice can still work. ibeprophen or advil can also help reduce the swelling. Get some rest.


use advil if it hurts
ice it for 15-20 min.
take a break,
then ice it again

big steak...

Ice pack

Sure....don't let it happen again.

Kevin S
Ice will reduce the swelling. Put some ice in a ziplock bag and hold it to the area for 30 minutes.

emo nemo </3
ice ice baby..
and if the swelling doesnt go dwon by tomorrow.
go into the doctor

Take a pain reliever/ fever and swelling reducer, put a warm cloth on your face and if it doesn't get better see the doctor, it could be some internal bruising or a minor fracture causing it to stay.

Yes, you can still use ice to reduce the swelling. Also some pain killers can help to reduce swelling...check the package.

Tam Tam
Ice for the first 24 hrs, then heat. It works, trust me.

ice and sleep. nothing more.

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