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Emy G
I have something in my eye and can't get it out! help?
I tried everything, I blinked a lot, held my eye open so it would dry out and I would cry, splashed water in my eye, squirted water in my eye, and tried to get it out with my finger! Whatever I do I can not cry! It's 10:18 p.m. over here and I am supposed to be sleeping but I can't sleep with this thing in my eye! Help me please!

Bassoon Guy
This is going to sound really weird....be very careful with this!!!
Get someone with a clean and moist tongue to pick it out with....that person's tongue....it kind of just sticks....I am not kidding...

you will have to go to your local hospital and go now

You're too far away, I can't reach

cant reach it sorry!!!

is your eye watering ?
go to local hospital if its a scratch they can numb the eye and give anti biotic

OK, here's an insane answer but it works. Light a cigarette and get smoke in your eye. It will make you tear up and the offending object will be "cried out." Or maybe try cutting up an onion; that should induce tears.

Another answer: it could be that you've just scratched your eye. THat can make it feel like something's in it. IN which case the obove two answers won't help.

Look in a mirror and try to get it out.

go to a & e

your eye probably has a scratch on it. it will take a while for it to heal, sorry.

sweet one
Firstly do you know what is in your eye? If you cannot see anything obvious then it may be that you have a corneal abrasion (scratch on your cornea) which is irritating your eye. I would suggest you go to A & E and ask them to have a look. Even if there was something in your eye at one point it may have come out but scratched your eye causing irritation!
Hope your eye feels better soon

It is possible that you have shifted whatever was in your eye. You may find that you have now scratched part of your eye. It may feel as if something is still in there. Have you looked in a mirror to see if you can see anything? Try filling the basin or a bowl with water and put your face into the water and open your eyes. Ask somebody else to have a look while shining a light.

i hope your eye is feeling better now.

however i guess the GP could check or A+E or out of hours GP services

you probably scratched your eye while trying to mess with it so much, and now it will feel like you have a grain of sand under your lid all night. just try to leave it alone.

Are you sure you have something in your eye? You may have scratched your cornea, in which case you need to get some ointment from your doctor.


Use a q-tip with saline solution or water on it and lift the eyelid out until you can get the q-tip in an lightly run the q-tip over where it's at and it should pick it up. I have to do this all the time when I get stuff in my eyes--I always use saline solution b/c I have contacts. It works well--something about the cotton helps it pick up.

Warrington Lass
You have probably scratched your cornea now hunny. try to get some sleep i know its hard with something annoying you. couldnt you wake someone up to help you. you maybe need to go to A And E but hopefully not. you could always go to 24hr tesco and get eye drops or wait till tomorow for something you never knwo u may wake up and it might be gone

dont mess about with your eyes they are so precious and the more you mess the worse they will be try getting hold of your top eyelashes and lid and pull it down over the bottom one then move your eye about while the top eyelid is over the bottom one then blow your nose if that dont work go to the local hospital you could have what is known as ark eye and will need it sorting out they will freeze your eye and remove the foreign body from your eye bit sore after but needs to be done they will freeze eye with drop good luck

If you can't see anything in it, maybe its an inflamed vessel or something like that, if thats it, you just have to wait it out....the less you touch it the sooner it'll be better.

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
Go to A+E!! I had an eyelash in my eye and tried to fish it out unsuccessfully with a cotton bud(stupid I know!) I eventually went to the hospital and they numbed my eye and got it out.But I'd scratched my eyeball and ended up with an infection.So get it checked out professionally :o)

Its called an eyeball!! leave it alone!! Hehe!!

No but seriously, you may not actually have anything in your eye!! It may be possible that you have scratched the lining of your eye. This can make you feel like you have something in your eye! Stop agravating it and try to forget about!! Not easy but it is the only way!! If it persists after a few days then go to your doctor to get it checked out!!

firstly try and relax, do not touch your eye as the likelyhood is that there is nothing in your eye and that you have actually scratched the surface. eyes tend to heal quite quickly when it is a small scratch so leave it well alone and go to sleep. if its worrying you tomo then go to the doctors. but hopefully it'll be ok in the morning!

anne b
if you havnt got a eye bath get egg cup half fill with water and hold your head back and blink you eye a few times if anything in will bring it out

Go to hospital to the accident and emergency department. Don't try and do anything to get it out yourself as you can damage the lens which would be more painful. Go before you hurt yourself. Please.

have you got any eye drops?this may help,
get someone to take a look at it

Pull your top lid over your bottom lid, move your eye around inside the closed lids and the bit of grit should wash away,

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