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 Problem with wrists?
About 5 or 6 years ago I was roller blading and i fell on my wrist. A bump developed on my wrist afterwards. Today I took a blow to the same spot and I noticed it Moved. Its not painful or painless ...

 Broken foot?
My sister broke her foot yesterday, and has a cast for 1 month. She is not allowed to put any weight on the foot, and has to use crutches. She is a single mother of a 4 year old, and finding it ...

 Why does my 13 year old son keep getting ingrown toenails?
We have been to 2 foot doctors , got him new shoes and he has another in grown nail that is bothering him. We had one cut out already by the doctor....

 Do i need to see a doctor?
i went boating yesterday and was riding on the back of a tube. i got hit in the head by something when i fell off, i can't remember. The only thing it could have been was a person. i didn'...

 When I lose my touch of doing something I'm really good at, how do I get it back?
Well, it's like this: to get your touch back you must do a lot, you know like... practise. That'll help you....

 Ive pulled my shoulder ligament, what can i do to help it?
Plus, ive been told not to excercise for 2 weeks as i pulled it while doing a body combat class. Im thinkin of still going to step aerobics but refrain from using any arm movements. Do u think this ...

 Ear hurts when typing??
hey guys , hurt my hands an shoulders an neck a while ago form typing too much , if strengthen all the muscles again , an getting this thing to get rid of the numbness in my hands , an im a lot ...

 I'm bruising easy?
I use to not bruise very easy, but now all of the sudden I'm getting bruises from the littlest things. What does that mean?...

 We moved 2 days ago, so the back of my legs are killing me?
They still hurt, my right one more. Do you think I pulled something, or just still sore from moving?...

 I hurted both my big toe, will the nails come off??
I was helping my mum with her suitcase. With Belfast pavement, it's unlevel, sometime theres wee hill, but anyway i was helping mum and as i was walking and i came to this ramp,my shoe got ...

 Does swelling from injury cause scar tissue?

 Why is it that we as society are willing to accept someone being addicted to drugs & not those who are "fat"
"Big" people can be productive, healthy and fun at times, "strung out" drug addicts are a waste of space.
Additional Details
maybe I should clarify, people in ...

 More than 24hrs after a head injury?
My 2 yr old knocked himself out yesterday morning when he banged the back of his head. Rang NHS Direct and by this time he was totally fine - running around, singing (10 mins later after initial ...

 What's the best way to start a nose bleed?
Anything besides punching, boxing... and those kind of things. What's the most effective way to simply start a nose bleed - i am going to use it as an excuse not to do stuff!!...

 I hurt my knee and need medical advice?
I worked out at the gym today, and after, noticed that I did something to my left knee. There's not alot of swelling, no bruises or redness, and I can bend it some and touch it w/o hurting. And ...

 Injured toenail. Remove, protect or let fall off by itself?
My son injured his big toe at camp two weeks ago and his nail has detached from the nail bed. It's still attached at the back and along the sides (I think). We've been covering it with a ...

 I had popped a very large boil 7 or 8 months ago and it will not heal. How can this be healed.?
I know it's not herpes, herpes go away and come back for life. This is a sore that has stayed since popped. I wolk up one day and decided that it had to go, so I really stretched and squeezed ...

 Broke my nose....?
My Little girl head butt me and I went to the hospital. My brother is a cat scan tech xrayed my nose. he told me they won't do much for me so I took the xrays and left figuring I can see a ...

 What happened? What do I do?
Okay, about two hours ago, my husband got up out of bed to use the bathroom. A minute later I heard a big crash and I ran to find him laying on the bathroom floor, not moving. I freaked out obviously!...

 My son appears to have hurt his heel, although he can't remember doing this?
We took his to casualty on Monday and they said that the foot was swollen. They said it was definitely not broken although they did not do an x-ray. They put on a tubi-grip bandage and said he has ...

I have a sore big toe.. could it be broken?
About three days ago i noticed that my right big toe was really really sore right where the toe bends (under the toe) it felt like it had to pop or like it was a bad bruise. I was wearing flats all that day so it didnt bother it to much. So later that night i stood barefoot and got on my tip toes and OUCH it was a sharp pain so i went to put some heels on to see if i could walk in them and with every step it was pain :( My friend said it sounded like a stressed toe.. whatever that is and it will go away in a couple of days?? So any suggestions to what it may be ?

It may well be broken, no way to tell without an x-ray

The Return of Dirty Sanchez
Not broke if you can move it at the joint. Could be big toe cancer.....

well do u know wut happened? umm...u could have hurt in and it could be sprained...ive had that happen to me before...and it lasted like 1 week or 2...it sux...so i know how u feel...i think if it doesnt go away in a couple of days that u should go to the doctors and get it checked out..

If you can bend it, it's probably not broke. Try some ibuprofen and if that doesn't work, see your doctor.

you could have broken it ,but from past experience,my husband broke his toe and it was swollen, the doc didn't do to much but give him pain med and a shoe brace, so if I were you I would let it heal on its own.

It could be something like Gout which is a build up of Uric acid in your body. this is extremely painful, can be caused by certain foods. Drink plenty of water and flush your body out.
If it doesn't get better see your Doctor

If it continues to hurt or swell up go to a foot specialist right away. If it is broken and u dont get treatment it could mess up ur toe for life. good luck

It may be broken or maybe even a bone spur or something like that.

Get It checked,go to your doctor

It would be slightly more painful than sore...

I broke my toe once, and I would think you would remember when it happened. I stubbed my toe hard on a wooden floor (I don't know how I managed it, either). Anyway, it hurt so bad when I broke it that it landed me on the floor in the fetal position.

Even if you did break it, a doctor won't do anything for you. They will tell you to stay off of it and rest. If it's not broken, that's still good advice. If you agitate it enough, it will take a lot longer to recover.

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