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 Is it normal to feel numb after getting hit in the face?
My brother's cheek is all swollen up and the accident happened about a day ago. He says that the area which got hit feels numb. I was wondering if this is normal after a hard hit or linked to a ...

 Okay so I have these random bruises on my toes they have been there a good 2-3 months what is wrong?
Its not the shoes trust me cause I have even been wearing flip flops also. But I just find it rather strange that they have been there so long and they have only seemed to look worse. Honestly is ...

 I went dizzy spell?
i went to chemist but i went in the door i so a lot sitting and i went dizzy then levet the chemist what was ...

 My husbands toe nail is bruised what next?
My husband dropped a huge wrench on his toe nail, he was wearing only socks..I mean a huge wrench a 10-12 inch cresent wrench so its heavy anyway his toe nail the next day was lifted up just a little ...

 Any remedies for aching knees?

 Why do your arms move when you walk and run.?
And why do they move more when you ...

 How do you break a wrist or hand?

 Doctors say i have varicous veins, but im only 20 im not sure what they are can anyone help?
when i was in high school i played soccer and when id get hit in the leg a vein would putrude out my leg and then go back in a leave horrible bruises. The doctors said they were varicous veins but ...

 How to tell if you've broken your foot?
I can't tell if my foot is broken or sprained?
Yesterday at about 1:00 i slipped on a pinecone (yes you can laugh)
My foot twisted and clicked and I am unable to put weight on it.

 I have a lump on the palm-side of my wrist that is protruding. Is a lump a sign of fracture or just sprain?
I realize that you are not doctors and that I need to go to see a doctor, but any expertise would help. I fell the other day and my wrist is hurting pretty badly. Please let me know signs or ...

 Why do i keep getting bruises?
they just appear even if i havnt knocked ...

 Can a guy die from being punched in the face?
After he got punched he looked OK, but he was bleeding from his nose and abuve the eye. He whiped himself up and walked away. Do you think there is any risk of lethal future trauma?...

 Hip pain afer back injury?
I damaged a disc in my spine in jan/ feb time of this year and it really affected my hips and my walking. Although it's much better- I had 2 months of physio at the time, I still have stiffness,...

 Lump in my upper derriere?
I was on a water ride the other week, and banged my backside to such an extent that I got a huge purple bruise. The bruise is going now, but there's still a lump in the area. Is this normal?...

 My wrist got trapped behind a door a day ago my mum took me hospital cuz i was in pain .?
when i got there i had an x-ray there were no fractures or broken bones my wrist was an still is swollen about double its usual size i cant move it a t all the nurse said it could be something to do ...

 Best area to get a massage? (And Please No Perverted Answers).?
Mine would be my back or my feet or possibly my shoulders. I would pay for one about now. I'm kind of sore and need one....

 Punch to my head?
I got a bad punch to my head yesterday morning nd now am getting very dizzy when i stand up and am very tired whats wrong with me?plz help ...

 Okay to enlist in the Marines????
I have had back surgery to remove a disk last april since then the doctor has cleared me for all physical activity, but still I am concerned that MEPS might say differently, i have played a season of ...

 Pain in Chest?
I have this stabbing, sharp pain in my chest, every time I take a deep breath and it hurst really badly. I was diagnosed with costochondritis about a month and a half ago, but it went away within a ...

 I have the worst shin splints ever... their hurting real bad. How can I treat them?
Is there anything I can do to prevent my shins from getting so sore? What can I do to make them feel better quickly? Help me out here folks... I gotsta play some football here....

I have a shard of glass in my foot that is deep enough so that I cant see it...what should i do?
Its grown a callus over it!! Help!
Additional Details
See the thing is that when I press it it does not hurt, it only hurts sometimes...so I feel somewhat sillyy because sometimes it does not hurt at all but there is a callus.....my husband is a doc and he tells me maybe it hurts because I probed it.but that was a while ago!

sweetness #1
get another opinion

Courtney R
GO to the doctor ASAP so that u do not get an infection. If you are embarassed try make a thick paste with salt and water and apply it to the area as often as you like. Something in the salt helps pull things out of the skin. This is no joke. When i was ten my dad did this for me to get a pencil led out of my foot (Courtesy of my little brother).

hello, I am a physician assistant and have been practicing for over 7 years. I'm sorry to disappointment you but the only way to have it removed is by a general surgeon under local anesthesia. It seems like a trememndous ordeal for something so simple but that is how it has to be done in order to ensure removeal of all the glass.

I though this year I had something in my foot we have wooden floors. I went to a foot doctor..He told me to soak my foot 3x a day in vinegar and water. It worked too I felt better I remember now 1 cup to a quart...

answer man
u should see a dr.
or clean a needle w alcohol very well and try to peel the area off try to get to the glass .it might be painful goooooooood luck

gaby f
go to the doctor

«♦ßяíttαηÿ♦» ☆
Please go to the doctor and have them remove it ASAP. My friend had this happen to her and it got so bad that she was in the hospital for a week because she got a really really bad infection and they had to drain the fluids out of her whole foot.

hope you got insurance.i had a toothpic in my foot and when i was pulling it out it broke about 1/4 inch in my heel.the only thing i could do was go to the er and they had it out in like 10 min with very little pain

See your dr. or a podiatrist. They will remove it.

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