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I have a cut behind my ear and it keeps coming back and i have no idea what it is. can somebody let me know?
Its like i get a cut behind my ear and its there for about 3 weeks and then its gone and then like 2 months later it comes back. can somebody let me know what it is

Chicken Nugget
i think its built up dirt and oil an skin tissues...try washing behind your ears more often.

Wash behind your ears every single day.

diyonna s
well if it keeps coming back then you might have some type of desease.because it's not heeling as fast as it suppose to be. love yonna

Kristin S
dry skin??

Lief Tanner
It could be some kind of skin irritation, depending on the conditioner you use in the shower, but to me, it sounds like a form form of skin cancer, with how you desribed it. They have been known to heal then break open again after a few weeks, in an endless pattern.

Have you asked your Dr?
Do you wear eyeglasses? if you do, are they well adjusted?

wee charmed o
do u where glasses? maybe your skin is too dry back there.. sorisese(sp) can also cause that too.. clean the area and place some patrolium jelly.. or some lotion there . if should go away.

if it keeps coming back such as a scab, u might want to see a doctor a bout it it came be a baterica infection, or some thing else.

aids cause cause scabs to come out of no where, along with other dieases

i had the same problem when i was younger the back of my ear would hurt, the skin would crack and it would bleed finally i went to the doctor and i was diagnosed with eczema, they gave me some cream and it went away and has not came back. see your md you will be happy you did

K p
I have the same problem and i wash behind my ears. I even put vaseline behind and around them and that does not help the problem either. I think I'm just going to see the dr. because it hurts and it starts to flake up as well it grosses me out.

You could have a skin problem that is causing this.... Psoriasis and or dermatitis. Go see a Doctor or Skin Specialist.
Only a good examination by a Doctor can give you the answer.

i got the same problem whenever i try to put my glasses on and it hurts like heck. i guess it must've been my glasses or something. i get that every year


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