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I have a bruise that is all down my calf that is hot to the touch. What is this?
I fell the other day on my left leg. It was a small bruise just under my knee. Since I fell the pain has gotten worse and the bruise has gone all the way down to my ankle and now is feeling hot to the touch. I dont know what to do.

A bruise is bleeding inside, right? So it sounds like you kept bleeding for some reason. I don't know why it's hot. Call the doc.

Chad m
See A Doctor.

a bruise and in infection

By your description, you should seek medical attention. Even if you are healthy person, the trauma may have caused a clot in the leg. A lower extremity ultrasound will rule it out. A doctor will advise you how to treat it if it was a clot or if it is bruised.

Good luck.

Probably an infection causing the hot to the touch .
Suggest if you haven't all ready go to your Dr. ASAP
Or to a walk in clinic . Get medical attention !!

Im no doctor but when your body heals it lets off heat so that may be what you are feeling unless its really hot than id call a dr cause that cant be normal!

Sounds like an infection go to dr asap!

Bruises are hot to the touch because they are healing. I have a huge one on my leg where I bumped into something...Just give it time and ice.

you need to go get medical care right away!!!!!!!!!!

the initial bruise was because of what could be blunt trauma and as for a larger bruise appearing afterward its because a bruise is sort of a small internal hemorrhage and is caused by the killing of cells. its hot to the touch because your body is maybe trying to kill bacteria in the bruised area

Go to the doctor right away, don't delay. A bruise is simply blood accumulated under the skin after an injury, and it should be reabsorbed in a couple of days. Since your bruise is *growing*, it probably means you're bleeding more and should go to the ER to stop it. A lot of blood can accumulate in between the leg muscles.

You may also have a blood clot that's blocking good circulation and that could be even more serious because blood clots tend to move and depending on what they block the situation can get very critical.

Please don't delay, see your doctor today or go to the ER and explain just as you did here, a small bruise that is growing after a few days.

larry o
it sounds like it's infected. don't mess around with this. see a doctor before it get's worse.

Get to a doctor right away. You may have developed a blood clot. It could be very dangerous. You may also have done more damage to your leg that you originally thought.

it's a bruise. it'll go away, if not, GO TO THE DOCTOR.....DUHHHHHHHHHH

Bubastes, Cat Goddess*
Everything that they said before my answer.
You may have busted a vein, this happens sometimes.
Then the vein tries to heal itself and you get a slight infection.
Feel down where it is running down your leg,
if you can feel a hard spot, that may be where it started.
At any rate, you need to have it checked out.
Some of these things can cause a clot to form.
I'm not trying to scare you,
but I am trying to get you to look after this.
It is much better to know than it is to worry & wonder.

I agree with Emily.

Maybe you should see a doctor. Sometimes bruises can get a fever in them when they are healing- try taking some Tylenol to help calm the fever. If it keeps spreading, stays hot & doesn't go away, go get it checked by a doctor.

Might be an infection. Speak with a doctor ASAP. It coud get very bad very quickly.

~* Mummy of Kiaya*~
you may have actually broke it. I feel off my bf's motor bike and i broke it and it sounds the same as mine.

Get it looked at.

I'm training to be a nurse so do please go and get it checked out before it gets worse!

It sounds like you had an abrasion that somehow has gotten infected through the open or exposed injury. You might have caught an MRSA (staph) infection...those usually cause abscesses (which explains why the bruise is getting WORSE and not better). The only thing that will help it at this point, is antibiotics, or possibly, cutting the bruise open and draining it for relief. The heat you are feeling is your body fighting the infection vigorously, but it needs help.

Go to the doctor as soon as possible, it could get way worse QUICKLY. Good luck!

Emily M
Sounds like an infection called cellulitis, You need antibiotics pronto! Go to an ER

Bruises don't walk down the ankle, but may appear larger and darker after a few days. I would go to the doctor since it sounds like an infection.

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