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Alutiiq Beauty
I got toilet water in my eye... will I be okay?
I dropped my brush in the toilet, and I tried to get it before it hit the water, but to no avail it hit the water. A bit of water (okay a bit more) landed straight into my eye, I tried to blink but was obviously not quick enough. Will I get a diease from the toilet water?. I rinsed my eye with water, and now 6 hours later bought an eye rinse because my eye feel a bit dry, and feels different. So anyway... any advise. I know this may be a silly question but would like to know. Thank You ! Honest sincere reply please

you should be fine. sounds like you rinsed it and now you got a commercial eye rinse. urine is sterile but fecal coliform bacteria was probably also present. the most you'd get is a little diarrhea from a slight case of hepatitis A. but I'm sure you washed it adequately.

if the toilet was flushed before and there wasnt anything in it, you should be fine

well i'm not sure how true this is, but i heard if ur in a serious situation where u really need water....i have heard toilet water is ok to drink. but back to your question. hopefully toilet water was the only thing in the toilet. if so you should be okay. if you still feel hesitant about it, go to the emergency room or to your doctor...good luck!

sure, you will be ok. no bacterial infection or anything. your eye feels dry because water is chlorinated and chlorine dried out your eye. dont worry , you really willl be ok.

You will be fine.

The H
no it will not hurt it feels wierd because you think it is wierd and its you mind messing with you... I hae had lots of eye problems I know

no, you wont. our kitchens have more bacteria then toilet water.

itll be fine. umm you could get a disease but i douby it.

laura s
you'll be fine as long as it's not burning

No i highly doubt it, i mean unless you didnt flush the toilet after you went to the bathroom, if you start to see any difference in your seeing or redness, you might want to go to the doctor, but i doubt you will get any eye infections! You should also flush it out with eye drops, If your really worried about call your doctor and talk to a nurse about it, im sure they will tell you what to watch for!

You'll be fine. Rinsing your eye won't hurt and go ahead if it makes you more comfortable. Your eye cleanses itself through tears and you should be all clear of the toilet bowl water by now. Relax and be glad your mouth wasn't open at the time. xD

You will be fine. If the water in your tank had any chemicals like the blue pellet people put in there to "clean" their bowl, you have already rinsed it enough to get everything out. If it was plain water you have nothing to worry about!

You are fine.

Think, for example, of swimming in a public pool. You probably open you eyes underwater. Public pools actually have measurable amounts of feces and urine in them.

My point: You have gone swimming and your eyes are fine. Therefore you will be fine now.

You are doing far more damage to your eye by your multiple attempts to clean it.You are not going to get some fecal eye disease. For the love of God, you've got an immune system, and that is what it is there for.

Now you know another reason why the seat on the toilet should be down when not in use...if there is some kind of cleanser in the reserve tank you might've burned a little bit...I wouldn't worry about it unless the toilet is rather filthy... stay calm and you'll live. Don't brush near the toilet if you can help it....

yes it will be okay.believe me, i clean houses and ive had my share of toilet splashes unfortunatley and i sure dont have any diseases.

Unless you have a chemical cleaning product in the water, I wouldn't worry. Your eye is pretty good at cleaning itself. But the rinse won't do any harm either.

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