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I got bitten by a wild field mouse this morning,that my cat had brought me.the drs cant fit me in till friday?
i have to have a tetanus jab,as it broke the skin. my cat is always bringing me mice,but this one was still alive so i carefully picked it up to stop her killing it. the ungrateful little sod bit me,lol.
am not up to date with my tetanus jab so have to have one,they cant fit me in until friday. will it be ok to leave it that long? or should i go up to the A&E and get it done sooner. i have a very weak immune system so am worried that i could get sick. i washed the bite immediatly with anti bacterial hand wash several times. is it safe to leave it that long?. would appreicate some kind genuine advice please. thanks to all who take the time to answer xx

go to A&E

Chris E
wild animals can carry a lot of different bacteria. maybe you should go to the e.r.

You need to go to the Emergency Room for an evaluation as soon as possible.

Many animal mouths contain the deadly staff virus and there is also the concern of rabies to contend with. If you have not had a tetanus shot recently you will need to have one of these as well.

This summer I was bitten by a stay cat and had to battle infection from the bite. I also had to take rabies shots too. I wrote an article about it. Heres the link if your interested but please, go to the doctor and do not wait.

Bite Results in Painful Rabies Injections as Precaution

OMG I got the same thing!!Except mine was a rat and my fingernail fell off!But it grew back of course and you should put proxide or cream on it FAST!

yes, go to a&e for a tetanus jab, it's not worth risking your health

You should call your Dr. back and explain to them how important it is to see the Dr. today. Bites from animals are not anything to mess around with esp. wild ones. If they refuss to work you in go to E.R. or to another Dr.

Some surgeries will see you if you are prepared to wait, but I should go to A&E they will attend to it for you.

blue dolphin
Just go up to your local Accident and Emergency hospital or walk in centre. they will give you the Tetanus jab.

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
Go to A+E. Don't wait until friday. They may want to give you antibiotics too. My fiance had to have some after he got bit by our dog.

Or give NHS Direct a ring 0845 4647

I would phone the doctors back and explain to them. They should try and fit you in. If they can't at least ask for the doctors advise on how urgent it is. Alternately you can phone nhs direct and ask the advice of one of the nurses there. The same thing happened to me a few years ago, but I didn't get mine done and it was fine.

Its coming to something when you have to give 3 days notice to see a doctor!

oh geez
I'd go to the hospital right away. Even if you have to wait for awhile in the waiting room at least it'll be taken care of today. Good luck!

go to the ER...better safe than sorry ...especially if you have a weak immune system

Do you have an NHS walk-in centre near you? If so, that's your best bet. You can check on the NHS Direct website by typing in your postcode.

If you don't have one nearby then go to A&E. I definitely wouldn't leave it until Friday - you say that your immune system is weak; well, even if it was normal I wouldn't leave it that long.

Apologies for this stupid reply but it was the first thing that popped into my head :)

Spiderman became a superhero after being bitten by a spider...

Hope you smiled Mousewoman :)

ms sensible
A&E today.

You should have a tetanus shot as soon as possible, go to A&E, have the bite checked immediately in case of any infection. It is never safe to leave a wild animal bite as they can carry various different diseases and bacteria. The small risk that the animal is carrying Lockjaw especially if your tetanus immunisation is not up to date, a ten year booster is advisable, the disease is particularly nasty, link below.
Be safe and go to A&E immediately

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