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I got a pencil point into my finger, dangerous?
I got a pencil point into my
finger, not so very deep, but
it at least gave the finger a
1-2 cm long trace. I saw something black inside but I think that was some blood thing. I tried to see if there was a pencil point in there but I couldn't see it (or don't now) but I see a small trace of the pencil point. I didn't have time to clean it, but it looks like it will be gone soon.

It feels like the hearth is pumping more at some times, and it just feels somewhat weird in the upper head (it doesn't hurt or something), do I need to worry? What should I do? And what if I had a little pencil point there? Will the finger remove it by itself or do you have any tips or answers on this?

Very thankful for answers.
Additional Details
Yes it is a graphite pencil point. I have cleaned it a little bit now. Don't think I need a bandage.

Cat Loves LIN 300!
it will probably come to the surface eventually, but you should go to the doctor if you think there's something lodged in your finger because you could very easily get a dangerous infection and end up losing your whole hand.

well they dont use real lead in pencils anymore, so you don't have to worry about lead poisoning...if you cant pull it out with tweezers, then keep it clean..it should heal itself....my sister did the same thing 15 years ago and still has a tiny black/greyish mark where the lead is.

pencils arnt made from lead anymore just for that reason. they are made out of graphite which is harmless. ur fine i promise. just wash it and put a bandaid over it.

it's not dangerous unless it gets infected because of being an open wound that you didn't clean or bandage. You have nothing to worry about from the object though. there is no lead in "pencil lead." it's graphite.

i would bandage it

first, soak it in hydrogen peroxide and then/or alcohol

next, make sure there is nothing in your finger-you should not see anything black

next put some neosporin, or triple antibiotic ointment on it and then a band aid (to keep the ointment from rubbing off)

after sleeping w/ the bandaid on, you can take it off, clean your finger again, this time w/ alcohol, put some more ointment on it, and then let it breath during the day.

you'll be fine

The pencil is not lead. You will not get poisoning.

Just take some rubbing alcohol, remove the traces and that's all you need to do.

you have 24 hours to live

you could put some perixide on it and that would draw the point out if it is still there. then I would put some neosporin on it and leave it alone. you will be fine because the pencil tips don,t contain lead anymore like they did when pencils were first produced. was stabbed in the hip with a pencil back in 1974 and I am doing fine and I still have a black scar where the pencil tip went in good luck

I would have it checked out by a doctor. I jabbed a pencil in my finger as a child and there is still a black spot there 40 years later but I think it's just graphite traces/discoloration, and not a piece of graphite lodged there. In my case, the only treatment was a bandage and some disinfectant by the school nurse. I kind of like it. Wouldn't do it again, because it hurt, but would miss it if it ever vanished. <g>

I didn't have any other symptoms such as you describe. Do you think they could possibly be caused by anxiety and stress?

dude it sounds like you are dying of pencil lead poison. I don't know if you will make it through the night. U might want to call 911. I have had a pencil lead stuck in my hand for years and I have died from it and been brought back 6 times now.

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