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Hello There
I got Jalapeno Pepper in my eye! Help?
Two days ago I put Jalapenos on my pizza. I must have not noticed I rubbed my eye before washing my hands. Both my eyes are now swelled up, and really red. (The swelling is just under my eye, not my actual eye) What can I do to make the swelling and redness go away?

put ice on it

cheri <3
go to the doctor ASAP!

put visine on it.

Wow! What a case of awful luck. Plain water?

Soak tea bags in warm water and put it on your eyes, helps swelling and tiredness.

emergancy room. now!!!!!!!!

Rex B
Get some eye drops that lubricate the eye.

Rinse your eye with a lot of drinking water. Nothing will happen to your eye. I eat hot peppers for everything. It has happened to me. The pain will go away.

David K
Speak with a doctor urgently.

use tomato juice to cut the burn

theres a visine for that

I would go see the Dr. too. You are probably gonna need something for the inflammation. Just rinsing them out may not be enough .

Tha Stew
benadrill cream.. any antihistamine .. the capsasin in the pepper will go away

maggie s
completly submerge your head into a bowl of water. this will be sure to flush out all the juice. this happened to a friend of mine and he jumped into a pool fully clothed so i know it must be painful!! also after you flushed your eye out, fill 2 wash clothes with ice. it will help with the redness and swelling.

Keep flushing your eyes out. Be sure you don't have it under your nails otherwise you will continue to get it in your eyes.
I use to work at a restaurant where I made pico de gallo. Everytime i would make it, I would end up touching my eyes later on that night to take out my contacts at home. Even after washing several sinks of dishes, I would still get it in my eye! Bad thing was, the hot stuff would stay on my contact. So the next morning, I would touch my eye again! It burned really bad!

For now, rinse your eyes with water and try an ice pack for the swelling but I would seriously consider going to the doctors, especially seen as your eyes are still swollen after two days.

haha....sorry... Mabey flush your eyes out with water. Be careful netx time only eat it. Good luck!

I use Google for your answers.
Flush it out with water, (you only use milk if you eat them).

milk. it may not take the swelling down, but it will neutralize the burn. i used to swim, works well on chlorine and tarn-pure too. just a little in the eyes. sounds weird, but it works

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