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I fell on my back and it still hurts after 2 weeks??
I fell hard during a ringette game, but it wasn't on my tailbone, it still hurts after a game and always when i bend over or squat for even 4-5 minutes. Should I get it checked out by the chiropractor?

go to a doctor and try some voltaren - injections it will do good for you in case you still have pains but first ask a doctor and go to a X ray

no you should go to a real doctor get x-rays then go see the chiropractor or do what i do
when my back hurts real bad i get my brother to hit me in the legs with a sledge hammer and my back fills great for about two - three weeks i think next week we might use a shovel

Go to your medical doctor first; you may have damaged a disc, or have soft tissue damage. He can tell you if a chiropractor is needed. You might be able to save yourself some time, and money by seeing your doctor first. Hope you feel better soon!

Go to a real medical Dr.A chiropractor doesn't even need a high school diploma to get into their schools.Most people dont know that.They can also do more damage.You may haved bruised a bundle of nerves or torn something.

i really thing you should get it checked, it could be a minor injury that is not treated could get worse... so pick up the phone a call the hospital for an appoitment.....

yes you should, could be something serious especially if its still hurting after this long of a time.

your back is definitely one thing you should not take for granted so go to chiropractor may not be serious but always better to get it checked out.

xzone fan..
you need to see a person who dose back rubs or see the doctor.

Bruce G
yes, you hav moved a bone and that could be what is wrong i did and it helped out alot by see a doctor.

Good Luck With you back

Its always safe to say that if its still hurtin after a few weeks check with a MD. Though backs are difficult to predict i hurt my back falling down years ago and to this day i still get back pain from it.

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