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nuwan silva
I dropped heavy object on my toe nail and it badly bruied and blood clotted in side and on the toe nail?

kaylee k
Keep washing it, and make sure it is clean on the outside... it will just go away eventually.

slow poison
A less bloody way is to apply a Cotton swap soaked in a Chinese analgesic, Zhen Ku Sui, and than plaster it securely as you would with an elastoplas. It will relief the pain with a cooling effect. do not take it off, just pour more of the ZKS into the cotton swap. Change the plastered swap every two or three days. You will see the blood clot disappearing, pain going away, and new tissue growing in time. It may take many weeks for a full recovery. Remember to sanitise the wound during each change, and ensure that it is left open to breathe and drying whenever possible after work.

I pressure is building up under the mail, you may have to put a hole in the nail to let the blood out.

My wife did this and at the urgent care, they put a hole in her nail. It wasn't a big hole, just enough to relieve the pressure.

You can do this youselft with a sharp and sterilized drill bit. use your fingers to twirl it, not a drill.

I believe you are suppose to poke it with a pin? but wait until someone else agrees w/ me.

jack russell girl
My daughter had this when she slammed her finger in a door. The doctor burned a little hole in her nail and drained it out. It relieved a lot of the pain and pressure also. You might need to have it drained. You may also lose your nail, but it grows back fast.

pretty painful but yull be ok gona loose the nail but dont worry itll gro back.

I did that once. I am always doing something stupid and clumsy. I dropped a block of wood on my toe.

It took my toenail right off. When it grew back, it grew thick - like I had 5 toenails in 1.

I can imagine what pain you are in.

You have sustained a rather painful injury to your toe nail. If it is still throbbing, you should get a large pin and heat the tip until it is red, then place it on the back of the nail bed and drill a hole into the bed of the nail. This will relieve the throbbing pain and let out the retained blood that is under the nail. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, then go to an urgent care in your neighborhood and have it examined and treated. You will probably lose the nail over the next few months; but you will have a brand new toe nail to be proud of. Good Luck and the Lord be with you.

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