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I cut my vein or artery in my wrist....?
I was working in the bathroom taking down tiles when some bits fell on the hand holding the lump hammer. One pointy bit stabbed me and punctured the vein...actually think it's the artery...black blood and was bleeding a lot and pulsating out. Anyway, stopped the bleeding and carried on working...this was last Tuesday. The cut closed but I found yellow bruising all around the area where yesterday there was none. Is the vein bleeding under the skin? Do veins heal on their own or require surgery? Should I wait for Monday to see a doctor or go to ER now or tomorrow?
Additional Details
LOL...i've gotten different answers ranging from got to ER and "your healing fine". I checked on a chart and according to that it's the vein going down to the hand called the INTEROSSEUS VEIN...if that means anything. I know it cut the vein because the blood was almost black and bleeding A LOT (pulsating out). Anyway..I think I'll go to ER tomorrow morning to check it out....thanks for the advice.

You cut a vein not an artery. The yellow under the skin is just old blood which will go away, similiar to a bruise.
No need to worry.

If you cut yourself that deeply, you should see a doctor to get it cleaned up and stitched if necessary.
Bleeding from arteries is bright red and very hard to stop, so chances are it wasn't an artery.
Yellow bruising signifies an older bruise; is it possible there was some kind of a bruise there before?
Hope this helps!

Sugar Pie
Sounds like you're healing up alreight. Bruising is to be expected since stuff fell on it. But if gets swollen, hot, feels like it has a fever or a puse, see a doc. But if that doesn't start, you'll probably be fine. Veins will heal on their own; you may not even have cut that deep. The skin will bleed, too.

I think you should go to the ER.

When a vien bleeds in side the skin the blood is usually black or blue. If you want you can go to ER.

Go Mike
if you got it to stop bleeding then you have no major problem. the bruise is probably from the artery healing under the skin

go now -- you don't know what vein you cut plus it takes the ER soooo long to take you as it is. I would,'t want to risk infection or loosing too much blood. Plus, you haven't had your tetanus shot.

go to the doctor don't WAIT it may be something serious and be careful

sandy h
go to the er this is nothing to mess with are u up to date on ur tetanus shots?

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