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I cut my finger, but it wont clot.. How can I help it Clot?
Hello, I cut my finger severely.. My mother helped me put a bandaid on the area.. its been one hour since, and its still gushing blood... Any tops on how to get this deep cut to clot? (Its just a slice off the tip of my finger).

Additional Details
Im not a hemo people :). Thanks for the concern. On the subject of stitches, theres nothing to stitch up.. I sliced away part of the skin.. I have a picture, those squeamish don't look..

Alex L
put pressure on ur cut and add some neosporin

apply lots of pressure (for a long time) and try to close the wound with a bandage (not a bandaid) and if it doesn't stop, then ask a doctor about it if it doesn't stop.

Do you otherwise clot normally or does it usually take very long.
If you have never had a problem before then,
Apply some ice for 10-15 min. Keep away from anything warm or hot.This should help for the blood vessels to contract until the blood completes the clotting process.

Mustang Fannay
OMG go to the emergency room!...you can loose alot of blood thats bad

meanwhile apply a lot of pressure on it even thought it hurts

Good luck

Does this happen a lot to you? If so, perhaps you should investigate whether you have hemophilia. This is a very serious condition where the blood is unable to clot by itself. Read my source to find out more.

yeah apply pressure

u might be hemophiliac

You need to go to the doctor.

apply pressure and keep raising ur hand 4 a couple of minutes. there r some medicines that can help ur deep cut to clot. dont worry ur not gonna die from serious blood loss

wrap a cloth very tightly around it

You really need to apply pressure to the area and fast...also use ICE...that is way to long to bleed...if all else fails...ER..

Rose J
O god!!! You should have just gotten stitches. right now thats the best thing to do.

You need to hold pressure on it, and hold it firmly. If it has been bleeding that long - you need to take yourself to see a doctor. Good Luck!!!!

Cannibal Emma
Apply pressure.

God, I hope you aren't a hemophiliac.

•apply pressure
•elevate your finger above your heart
•use a wind some cloth tightly around your blood vains but make sure that you losen it every once in a while or your finger will have to be removed

•then go see a doctor and find out if you need stitches

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