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I burned myself about 2 days ago. Now I have about a huge blister, should I pop it?
there is no pain, and the skin over the blister seems pretty thick. Will it heal quicker if I drain it? It is on the palm of my hand.

FYI, this was an accidental burn. The blister is about 1 inch long by about 1/2 inch wide. Its holding alot of juice!

If there is no redness or heat from the wound, yes, pop the blister with a sterile pin and let it drain out. Clean it with a sterile pad and plain water, dabbing. If you can, leave it open to the air. If you feel better , cover with a band aid for the first few days. Check it regularly, if is gets red, simply wash with a little hand soap and warm water.

Marci T
go ahead pop it with a clean sewing needle, let it drain on its own, buy some bactine and apply with cotton ball, This stuff works miracles!!!

Tammy Galli
Beings on your hand you could lance it a little to release the fluid. But it may refill. I would give it another couple days then drain. Do not pull the skin off let it dry up and it will flake off on it's own. Keep it as clean as possiable, considering your hands touch everything. If you lance it it may be uncomfortable again, but keep it clean and use some bacitracian ointment on it as much as possiable once it has drained.

No...you should keep it clean and dry and let the air get to it...it will pop on its own...you could damage the tissue and further delay your healing

With a burn blister, popping is a bad idea. It can get infected and scar quite easily if it is popped. I would recommend seeing a doctor for advice, since burns are a special kind of awful...

Brutally Honest. :]

No! Don't, whatever u do, pop it! If u do pop it, then infection will be sure to set in. The skin over the burn, though it is dead, and will eventually come off, is helping in the healing process. The palm of the hand, like the inside of the mouth, heals fairly fast, unlike other parts of the body. So please don't be tempted to pop the blister, even though it is really annoying. U'll only regret it later.

NOO! Blisters are the body's reaction to heat injuries. They are considered sterile, meaning free of bacteria inside. Popping it will allow the bacteria in your skin to enter your already injured body. The skin is our first defense against bacteria. It will be like letting the enemy in through your front door and handing them your weapons.

Dirty D
No because then you run the risk of getting an infection.

It's more likely to get infected if you pop it. Blisters are a natural process that's supposed to protect your skin.

Miss No-bubby
I wouldn't. Not just because popping blisters is gross (seeing all that water come out...nasty), but also because it is prone to infection. I'd say just to leave it alone, it will pop when it's ready...put a band aid over it so you are not tempted...



When you get a burn and within a minute or two you have a blister, your body does this for a reason.

So you burned your self and your body has made a blister. Well as gross as blisters can be, blisters are actually good things to happen and here is why:

You burn yourself and blister, the whole reason your body blisters is to protect the underlying layers of skin from possible burning again, but more importantly those underlying layers of skin will now be the outer layers of skin and the skin on the inside doesn't even compare to the durability of the skin we have on the outside. Now it's time to be the outer skin, but it's not so tough. but has to be SOON.

Your skin blisters up because suddenly your body has called for fluids and enzymes to come to the burnt area to

Protect the new skin as it is still very sensitive.

Keep it moist as to be able to flush out any bacteria that gets trapped there so it will not cause infection

And also to help toughen up that new skin that needs to now be on the outside and tough.

The fluid also helps to cool down the burn

By popping your blister, you have now taken away your body's natural healing ability and that area now hurts like heck, is extremely susceptible to an infection, the skin inside is just going to be tossed into the outside world and stings because the natural healing path has been destroyed. There is also now no natural fluid to help to cool down the area of the burn. The here is the gross part..after all the damage above has been done, now to add insult to injust to this blistered area we as a natural reaction end up picking away at the dead blister covering sking which in turn gives a higher chance of infection.


Band Aid products bandages has come out with the cooles "Blister Band Aids" I forget the actual name. They ar a hydroheal bandage. you put it on after cleaning and drying and the band aid basically does what your body is doing but also preventing you from picking at it and eventually popping it. It stays on for days in the shower and all. I have used them and I think they are just wonderful!


It's worth a try anyway.

I hope your blister heals soon.

Be safe and be well

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