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 Can you help me with a foot problem?
my nephew is complaing of toe or foot pain it is actually at the base of the big toe but more to the sole of his foot. The pain gets worse with more activity on it. I thought it might be gout, but ...

 My foot fell asleep I stood up and my ankel gave way. now it hurts what could have happened?

Additional Details
I sorry I meant ankle. hey stupid_police guess what some people are dyslexic you moron?...

 Do they sell crutches at drugstores?
i hurt my knee really badly but my dad can't afford to take me to the doctor. so they sell crutches at drugstores such as cvs or walgreens??? please reply!...

 Wouldn't being Pistol Whipped seriously damage your head?
we have all seen it in a film where someone gets hit on the back of the head with the butt of a pistol and they get knocked out, a few minites later they come round with no apparent side effects.

 If you had been in a fight and your eyeball was hanging out of its socket could you still see out of that eye?

 I hit my head on the dryer when i was picking up sumthing, should i ice it or use heat?

 Is it safe to remove my stitches??????????
I have about 9 to 12 stitches on my wrist i was suppose to take them of on x-mas eve but i didn't. I'm not sure where to find a doctor (i live in phx, az) or how much it will be. Is it safe ...

 What happened to my shoulder??
Today I was playing basketball and I got thrown to the ground. I felt something pop out on my left shoulder and I pushed it back in. Is anyone out there a doctor who can tell me what they think ...

 Why do you americans have to pay for medical treatment?
America is supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world yet you guys have to pay for medical treatment. I dont understand this. I live in australia and we dont pay a cent unless we decide ...

 I hurt my lower back this past saturday working. it hurts pretty bad. what do i do for the pain?
i hurt my lower back at work and didnt know that i did it till monday. its been spasing on me and ice and heat isnt helping. what can i do for the pain?
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also i am a ...

 Head injuries?
my daughter tonight fell of the bottom step and hit her head of tyling floor and had a bump on her head the size of a golfball .se is 13 months old .i brought her to the doctors and he said if there ...

 53,male w/severe cramps,bloody diarrea etc..?
My husband was in a auto accident Jan 1,07 Nov 23,07, Dec 11,07 and later that night he through up blood and since then has had extreme stomach cramping with bloody diarrea and has a broken colar ...

 I jammed my finger pinky in football. It doesn't hurt, but..?
I put ICEY HOT on it today, and it hurt when I rubbed it hard. However, the problem is I have to play the piano, and my pinky when i bend it does not reach my palm like my other pinky does.


 What would happen if a stab wound wasn't treated properly?
I'm writing something where a character is stabbed and his friends try to patch him and even though it looks healed he gets sick from it. What would happen if a stab wound wasn't treated ...

 Does anyone know anything about back problems??????
I have been putting my back out for years now,and have not really bothered going to the doctors as all they were offering me was pain killers.
My back is at it's worse now and my spine is ...

 What is wrong with my finger?
i jammed my right pinky finger in a basketball 5 days ago and now my finger is still swollen,and it looks like the whole thing is bruised. It hurts when i bend it towards my hand. The knuckle in the ...

 How can i get rid of an infection on my ear cartilage from a piercing on it? its grown into a large bubble!!?

 Yesterday my dog accidentally cracked me on the bridge of the nose with her snout....?
my vision went blurry and my eyes watered for several minutes. Now, 30 hours later, my nose feels like its gonna blow up and my head is fuzzy, almost like tired....what's going on? Should I go ...

 Iv'e got a boil coming up on the end of my nose, do you think that i should keep an eye on it ?

 Perforated ear drum?
how serious is it?
Additional Details

I broke my arm 15 years ago when i was 10, and now i get pains, like bad aching in the places it was broken...
What could it be?? Its quite painful but have no swelling. Its really warm tonight and it hurts, so its not like arthritis which hurts in cold weather

&gt;<&gt; god's girl
your 25!

It is probably Bursitis but get a doctor to check it out. I have this in my shoulder from breaking my arm when I was 8 I am now 29.


Whether you're at work or at play, if you overuse or repetitively stress your body's joints, you may eventually develop a painful inflammation called bursitis.

You have more than 150 bursae in your body. These small, fluid-filled sacs lubricate and cushion pressure points between your bones and the tendons and muscles near your joints. They help your joints move with ease. Bursitis occurs when a bursa becomes inflamed. When inflammation occurs, movement or pressure is painful.

Bursitis often affects the joints in your shoulders, elbows or hips. But you can also have bursitis by your knee, heel and the base of your big toe. Bursitis pain usually goes away within a few weeks or so with proper treatment, but recurrent flare-ups of bursitis are common.

tia :)
go to a doctor and get it checked out

Arthritis doesn't only hurt in cold weather.

It's a part of life, man. You're getting older, and your past injuries have started to remind you of that. :)

If it really worries you, ask a doctor.

pink hearts3 ♥
I get the same thing with my elbow but only when I lift things, Broke a bone right in the joint of my elbow and when I lift things sometimes, I get a shooting pain in the exact same place and this was going back around 9 years ago. It could just be that it didn't heal very well.

fancy socks
rhematoid arthritis i think that what it sound like,,i had a horse riding accident and years later i have a painful hip,,winter or summer,,i hope you will be ok,,all the best to you.

well I'm the same here i got busted up on a bike well arthritis can hurt in hot or cold .you may have a bone spire like a splinter on the bone may need to check in whit doctor

Take a painkiller and then go and see the doctor. No point lying awake all night in pain, just take some paracetamol and then go see the doc. Hope you get better soon.

Pooh Bear
rheumatoid arthritis hurts I believe in both extremes of temperature. A lady I knew hated the summer precisely because of that - her joints used to swell as much as they did in cold weather. Check it out with your doctor but you could also try something like MSM or other joint supplement - green lipped mussel extract is also considered good - which wont show up in the next month as a result but certainly should within three or four and its the long term you need to be looking at.

Dont worry, i get the same thing, i broke my arm when i was 11 in a gymnastics accident, i did a one handed cartwheel and my arm collapsed, i still get pains there, ive had them since i broke it, the bones i broke werent in a normal line they were at a 45degree angle so i was supposed to have surgery to correct it however they didn't do that way. I get these pains all the time but its worse in the winter, my uncle broke his arm falling out of window when he was younger and he told me when i broke my arm that id probably get an aching arm as time went on.

Its nowt to worry about but if your still worried then try talkin your dr, they might be able to give a more better reason as to why.

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