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I broke my ankle in a couple of places a week ago and I am in plaster.?
How long will I have to keep my leg raised above the heart.?
When can I sit up or get out for a bus run etc

Shaggy Doggy
I wouldn't go back to either place again until you're well and truly on the mend - what's the hurry?

Check this out.I broke my leg in 1995.Nobody told me to keep mobile or raise my leg.Suffered a deep vein thrombosis through inactivity.Almost died.Talk to your doctor please.

Sexy Red
Hi im a Orthopaedic Plaster Technician and i deal with plaster casts and broken limbs all day. Well ist of all your consultant should off told you how long you have to keep you leg up for,this is mainly due to swelling and circulation,if you hav any problems at all regarding your plaster etc contact the consultants Secretary and explain the problem with her.You do not want to rush around with a cast on you need to take it easy while you are non weight bearing which i assume you are,later on when you fracture is healing you will have a walking plaster on which you can weight bear but still use crutches,i dont know the injuries you have so i cant defiantly say when.Any problems you have with the cast or swelling go bck to the plaster room and they will be happy to help you,or call them.Good Luck

As Ninkigal has said, its rather hard to comment without knowing the extent of your injury, and what exactly has been done. Just a slab?, any internal fixation....ie screws pins or plates?.
Traditionally a 6 week respite is the normal consideration, although without knowing your full clinical history it would be better for me to say, approach your treating physician who SHOULD have informed you of you rehab plan.

I broke my ankle and was told to hobble about around the house periodically to keep it moving, you raise it to let the fluid out and the swelling go down. Why not give the doc a ring? Everyones injuries are different and i am sure they would rather you called and checked. After a while i was going on short journeys cos i was sooo bored, out for lunch or to a friends but i would spend the rest of the time resting. Pain is a good indication, if its really hurting then your body is telling you something!! Phone the doc anyway and you can put your mind at rest.

I agree with the first chic that answered. Call your doc...weird that they didn't say when you could do stuff in the first place. At any rate, you don't want to mess anything up so call the doc.

i broke my ankle a few years ago you don't mention the extent of your injury, but i was told to keep my leg up for 9 months and only get up for the bathroom.but if i did attempt to stand or sat with my leg down my foot would turn dark blue and purple don't listen to anyone on here ask the hospital .it needs to be taken seriously if you start walking on it too soon you could even end up with gangrene and have to have your leg off. sorry about the lecturing and i hope you have a speedy recovery

Sherif from Egypt
i dont know-good bye-thanks 4 the 2 points.

You're going to have to talk to your doctor about this. Hopefully everything will heal very well and quickly. Just remember to take it easy with that ankle these next several months. Although it may heal enough in 3 to 6 weeks, you don't want to re-fracture it. Best of luck to you.

These are questions only your doctor's office can answer. Call them.

As long as you keep the extremity elevated above your heart, it will keep the blood from going into the extremity too fast causing pain and swelling. This should be done for a few days to let the swelling subside. Try applying an ice pack to the fracture site through the plaster cast. This will also help to reduce the swelling.

ask the doc, we arent docs

i know how you feel lol ive broken my right ankle 4 times in total,dont know why, its just a weakness ive been told, i was in plaster for about 5 to 6 weeks,when i first broke it the pain was very bad and i had to rest and keep it elevated, but once the weeks went on i got stronger and walked about on my crutches, but i must stress do not over do it. otherwise your plaster could crack i was warned.

you should have the plaster removed in about 5 to 6 weeks, it will feel very weaird at firwt when removed as the plaster is quite heavy and youve been walking about with it for the last 5 to 6 weeks, you foot will feel very light and might ache alittle, as the musles havent been used for a while.

your find that you will have to be carefull now as your always have a weakness there on that ankle like i do and you may like myself suffer with it in cold weather it will ache, mine looks permantly swollen where i have broken it so much,its weird i could be walking along the street when bam it just gives way and breakes.

i hope this has helped and you make a very speedy recovery,

you take care and get well soon
all the best jen.

Call your doctor's ofc. People who don't know your history shouldn't be answering this for you.

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