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Jimmy M
I Popped my knee out of place but i popped back into place after and now it's just a little sore what do i do

Additional Details
I Think It's ok im only 12 but my momz said that she pops her toes all the time that i should just lay down and it will feel better in a few days shesh ppllzz sayin i need surgery i jus remebered i popped my knee wen i wuz lil so i think its jus sore and it will be ok in a few days--Surgery crazy pplz--

andrea R
you have some torn cartilage that when the knee joint opens up can get stuck in there and lock your knee up like a door jamb. It will continue to happen until you have arthroscopic surgery to have the cartilage trimmed and prevent the problem from re-occuring. However, over time more cartilage may break away and you will have to have more removed by surgery. Eventually enough cartilage will be gone and your bones begin to rub together and your knee then becomes arthritic and it will hurt just about all the time. so you can then decide not to walk anymore, sit on the couch and gain a lot of weight. you may become obese and unhealthy, but your knee problems will be solved. Good luck

Deal w/ it, lol. Seriously, on a cruise in April I literally fell onto both knee caps, and could hardly stand the pain in my left one, did not affect the right one at all. Finally went to the Dr., just knew I was going to have to have surgery. Doc said just give it another month and it should be fine. It is.

see a doctor!

Knee injuries can be tricky. I recommend seeing your doctor who may also refer you to a specialist. There is a lot of cartilage that can have minor damage that can really wear down in a short amount of time.

Hey kid-
I also have the problem of a dislocating patella & one it happens once it will happen again because of the muscles breaking down and not having the strength to hold the knee cap into place- Its good to see a orthopedic surgeon and get it fixed now while you are young- Its a painful thing and one that I wish I had never had to experience! So try some ice to help with the pain and swelling! :)

You most likely subluxed or dislocated your patella (kneecap). Once this occurs once it is likely to happen again. I can often cause a bruise on the bone when it gets moved out of the groove on the front of the femur. I would definitely ice and rest. I would also advise that you get a referral to see a Physical Therapist or go on your own if you are in a state with direct access. You need to strengthen your legs to prevent this from happening again. A PT would also be able to help you alleviate any symptoms you are having as a result of your injury.

If you truly popped your knee out of place and then had it pop back in, you definately would not be a "little sore". Now what is more probable is that you subluxed your patella. This is not that big of a deal. Sometimes, if a person has an unusually shallow femoral groove or exceptionally weak or underdeveloped vastus medialis oblique (the most medial of the quad muscles), the patella may dislocate laterally. If it stays out, you can generally extend your knee and it will reduce itself. What you really have to worry about when this happens is damaging the lateral condyle of the femur. This does not happen every time. Give it some time. Can you weight bear? Is the soreness getting better or worse? You should be fine in a matter of days. If not, go see your physician.

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