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Well i was being silly and was messing around the pool, and i hit my head really hard at the bottom, like it sounded like a bat hitting a baseball.

I didn't lose consciousness or ...

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 My knee is swollen and it hurts to do anything. What should I do?
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 What's this thing growing out of my foot?
Pictures I took with my camera:

 If you were about to go on holiday , and you broke a bone in your foot,?
and had to have a plaster cast on your foot, would the airlines advise you not to fly in case of any swelling when airborne....

 I killed my arm!?
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 Rib Pains?
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 How do I know if my leg is broken or sprained? It hurts but i can walk on it.?
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 I broke my wrist 6 weeks ago!?
I'm having the cast off tomorrow, and just worried incase it breaks again, how can i stop this from happening? Any tips?...

 How can My eye get better?
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 I cut the tip of my finger off by accident. and didnt use soap when washed under cold water.. Can i get staph?
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 Can the toes get bruised?
My two big toes are a bit yellow-ish pale in color, and hurt extremely when I apply any sort of pressure on them. I can't go to the doctor, because I don't have the money right now. I can�...

 I cut myself?!?
a couple days ago i was feeling soooooooo bad and so i found a razor blade and cut myself. what should i do now. tell a friend, my mom what?!...

I don't have the money right now to be making doctors visits. And I figured this should be pretty simple to tell if its broken....

 Ok...this is going to sound bad....I am 44 and I have used a pill for the first time.?
ok...this is going to sound bad....I am 44 and I have used a pill for the first time, to make my little man stand up...well needless to say the pill worked great but it has been 5 hours and it still ...

 Why does my jaw/face hurt?
The muscle or tendon or whatever that connects the upper and lower jaw is killing me! Hurts to smile, talk, eat, open my mouth, etc. What the heck is it? Did I maybe somehow dislocate it? It kinda ...

 I cut my wrist 3 years ago and it still shows, how can i reduce the look of the scar?
anyone help?...

 I have a cut on the inside of my lip?
i have this cut on the inside of my lip near the gums of my bottom teeth. It is white and circular. It hurts to wat talk and brush my teeth. I have dipped a Q-Tip in hydrogen peroxide and swabbed it ...

 Help! Smashed toe, now the nail is coming off?
I ended up dropping a speaker right on my big toe last night, and it was painful. Now today the nail is black and is barely hanging on, and there's this blue stuff around it, like it looks like ...

 I jammed my freakin pinky!!!?
help it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!i was playing basketball at school and jammed my poor pinky :(and now its hurts like hell!!!
Additional Details
its all bruised and i cant move it.....and it cant ...

I'm really worried--is my nose broken?
Roughly 20 minutes ago, I hit my nose. Hard. It immediately started bleeding. For a few minutes, only one part of my nose was in huge pain. Now the throbbing is spreading throughout my nose. And I was reading stuff on how to know if your nose is broken, but I couldn't tell. One of the things was that your nose doesn't stop running... and it hasn't. I'm really worried. Does anyone have any idea?
Additional Details
I was practicing a dance, and when I spun (really fast) I hit it on a chair. I know, stupid.

Ouch, sounds like it may be at least sprained or broken.
Now take one of your hands and feel the sides of your nose, from the nostrils up to between your eyes, if you feel any gaps, it very well may be broken.
If you have a strong suspicion that it is broken which I think you do, I would go to the hospital because if a broken bone is left unfixed, the effects can be lifelong.
Go to the hospital, they will run an x-ray and if it is broken, they will put a splint on it.
Feel Better

err..go to the doctors.

Mia M
you have to see a doctor. i broke my finger and wasnt sure. my dad said it wasnt but i wanted it to get looked at anyways so i did and sure enough it was broken!

bella 7
Could i asked what you banged it on? That makes a difference. Mostly you would be in EXTREME pain if you nose was broken. If it turns a different color or swells really big go to the doctor immediately. keep ice on it continuosly and don't touch your nose at all with nay pressure.

Ouch! because you were spinning you probably hit that chair really fast and really hard keep doing what i and other people recommended and go to the doctor if it gets anyw orse. hope i helped!

i would go to the doctor if its swelling and in alot of pain yes it is broken

If your nose have broken,you could start professional box hahaha

It very well may be broken however, even if broken unless it's a compound fracture (bone coming through the skin) they will no nothing for it other than tell you to ice it and take an anti inflammatory, (advil,motrin)
By the way even if it's not broken it will hurt for daysssss.

☆Sammy ☆
Was it bleeding a lot ? Was it extremely painful ? If it was, then it sounds like you've broken it.My brother has had his nose broken before and even when he wasn't touching it, it hurt - a lot. As soon as any pressure was applied, it was pure agony. I was with him when he got it put back in place, and all i can say, is that for your sake, I hope your nose isn't broken !

Thomas B
Sounds familuar. 2 days ago I was doing demolition work on a old mobile home and was pulling a pipe out of the ceiling, when it popped loose I SLAMMED the back of my had directly on my nose. It bled heavily. Went to the doctor and sure enough it is broken.

Your description sounds very much like what I expierenced. I'd reccomend you go see the doctor and find out for sure.

BTW, hurts huh?

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