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 Help me my ears fallen off, what should i do ???
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 What's wrong with my toe??
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 I slipped and fell on the sidewalk today and now my right arm feels weak?
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 Health problems..its an EMERGANCY HELP!!!!?
k my moms isnt feeling good
she hasnt ate for 2 days
shes goin 2 da doctors 2moro
but im tryna get her some food
but she says she cant eat
cus its hard for her to open her ...

 What are we do after die?

 My knee hurts when i try to straighten my leg and sometimes it pops. Is it anything serious?
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 I hurt my ankle (its all swollen and puffy - it really freaking hurts) should I walk on it? I had been walking
I hurt my ankle (its all swollen and puffy - it really freaking hurts) should I walk on it? I had been walking on it for hours after I hurt it and it still hurt but I sat down for a while and now its ...

 Is it broken?
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 How can i get a black eye?
i need sugestions cuz i go back to in september and i want a black eye that will last for a long ...

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 Can a splinter be fatal?
OK 2 days ago I got this splinter in my skin then got rid of it but before I got rid of it my dad said it could kill me how true is that?
Additional Details
It is only 1 in length 0.1 ...

 Toddler fell. Has bad rug burn on nose and upper lip?
What can I put on my 2year old's nose and upper lip to make it heal and prevent scars?...

How to make your ankle look swollen?
im faking a sprained ankle and i need itt o look swollen is there anything i can do to make it look real

You can start running, then jump off the curbs of a sidewalk.. Then when you land on the ground, do a twist in an odd way, then land on your ankle.. That'll work..

I'm loving the other answers. Eat a tablespoon of salt and wrap something tight around your knee. That might work. Hehe.


wrap it with a really big ace wrap...like one thats for the shoulder or something, so that when you touch it, it feels like its swollen...then if someone wants to remove it, say that the doctor says that you aren't supposed to...that you're supposed to keep the pressure on it...and may I ask why you're faking a sprained ankle?

I hate pink
why would u wanna do that ? WIMP BAG!!!!

Why are you faking a sprained ankle?

Looks like just short of hurting your ankle for real.....fess up and tell the truth.

Kick a large tree several times, then do not apply ice to the area.

black and blue and yellowish makeup

good luck with that one

bang it on something.

Whack it a few times with a hammer and it will look just like a sprained ankle.

Cool guy
break it

um...lol, I won't ask why. haha. Make sure it looks bruised, I don't think its possible to make something just swell on comand. But you could easily make it looked bruised. Why dont you just wrap it up in some bandages a couple times that way it will look a little bigger and nobody can really see it.

dances with cats
yeah, go fumble around a field a step in a gopher hole, when ya feel the sharp stabbing pains and hear the snap, then you know that you have done a good job, don't worry..it will magically appear to be swollen and purple

stand on your feet fr 2 days no sleeping :P lol itll be swollen its true

keep wrapping bandages around your ankle then just when ppl touch it just scream

Dr. Phil
cut it with a dirty knife, the infection is likely to cause swelling.

Mr. Goodkat
Why? Is Coach making poor wittle giwl wun laps?

Clint A
You could actually sprain it. That would make it look real.

hit it with a hammer you liar lol

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