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 I jammed my pinky playing b-ball, 1 day later its swollen, purple, bruised. dosent hurt much but is it broken?
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How many times can you recieve a kick to the groin before it starts to hurt?
Additional Details
Tim R - the word is "you're", not "your". Also, the word is "...

How to know if Im flat footed or not?

Jessica B
your have to check if your foot has a curve tords the inner side of your body for example your left foot has to have a curve on the right side.also take a board or any thing flat and put your foot against it if the curve is less than a half an inch close to it you most likely have flat feet!

;Get your feet wet and walk on cement. If you see your whole foot, then you are probably flat footed. If you are missing the inner part of the foot, you have an arch.

Makaela M
Ok well i'm not flat footed. I have a very big arch. And plus, i

do point so my foot is like "perfect" in point shoes!!

Anyways, to know if you have an arch, put your foot on the

ground, and there should be like an arch on the inside of

your foot. You should be able to see under your foot with

your foot flat on the ground. I really hope i helped you!


can you slip 2 fingers under your arch while standing?

Get your feet wet and walk on concrete. If you don't see a curve in your footprint where the arch of your foot should leave no wet spot; then you are flat-footed.
You will see a complete outline of your foot.
If you have fallen arches you will think you have flat feet.

if you dont have any arch on the bottom of your foot you are flat footed. if theres an arch your not

simple as that!!

1. Look at your feet.
2. See if they are flat.
3. ???
4. Profit!

Here is a test.....get a brown paper bag, the kind you find at a grocery store. Wet your foot...dont soak it, just make sure its moist. Then step on the paper bag. You can see from the impression if u r flat footed or not. If you're normal, there'll be a curve in the middle.....if youre flat, there'll be a round print like a shoe print.

it your foot has an arch in it or not.... does the bottom of your foot kinds curve?... then you have an arch meaning you aren't flat footed... and if not then you are flat footed

Make your foot wet and step onto a surface where you can see your footprint. If there is not an arch on the inside of your footprint you are flatfooted.

There are lots of different tests that you can do at home, some of which other people have suggested here already but if you want to know for sure, i would suggest going to a podiatrist because they can tell for sure.
I thought that my foot was flat but i tried the paper and wet foot test and my foot came up normal, but I went to the podietrist and she told me that i had flat feet, but there is no sure way to tell without the help of a professional.
Hope this helps :)

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