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Ryan S
How to heel a ripped, or torn muscle in my butt?
I recently hurt my butt muscle lifting a pallet about 8 mo ago, the pain went away 2 weeks after hurting it and just the other day for some reason started hurting extremly bad again. I need some info on what could be possibly be wrong with me. I do not have insurance, so im looking for some answers to help solve my problem please and to help heel the pain. The pain hurts around my butt,and all the way down my leg. It kills to sleep, lay on my bed, walk, and sit. Im having a terrible time here. Im only 22 years old, I think im to young for any back problems, I really think my butt muscle is streched or it never heeled right. Please give me some advice, it would be well apreciated, thanks

It may not be just muscle pain so simple.Normally muscle problem will go away about a week. But you got a relapse? I believe you might have a torn ligament, or some bone fracture? you might get infection.My advise is that you see a doctor right now.

I did a similar thing a few years ago. I would go to the doctor and book and MRI scan in case you've done any minor nerve damage. Other than that, you can't do much in the mean while..

milk fur♥
you need to see a physiotherapist and get the proper exercises to try and strengthen the muscles usually when you tear a muscle it will not heal on its own no matter how long you leave it you need to take the strain off it and strengthen the muscles around it, prolonging treatment can make it so you will have pain for years your just gonna have to work a few extra hours and save up to see a professional

you'd need rehab and physical therapy sessions and then you're on the go again. :-) look for a good therapist.

R u sure you hurt your muscle butt by lifting a pallet?!!! Anyway, beside the point. I would go and see a doctor as soon as possible! No adivice on the net can really help you. You need to be assessed by a medical doctor! All the best!

It sounds like the sciatic nerve. This can be treated with motrin, & try taking calcium/magnesium supplements, too, as they relax muscles naturally.
You may have to humble yourself & ask for a (girl) friend to massage your leg, lower back & butt yo help provide some pain relief.
You may also try heating pads, & warm baths...both of which should help relax & ease the pain.
After taking the bath, you may want to do some GENTLE stretching exercises on a routine basis. If it hurts, then stop.

You most likely aggravated the sciatic nerve. It runs from your lower spine into the upper gluteus maximus(butt muscle).
It can get 'pinched' by lifting things the wrong way and/or hyperextending the leg.
It can be excruciatingly painful as you probably know.
The only thing that will heal this is a combination of ice in the day and heat at night(heating pad) as well as the combination of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medication. If you can't get a prescription for this, then use ibuprofen which acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
Regardless, this is not something that will go away without treatment in the course I've mentioned. If you have to, go to the ER at the hospital to get a doctor's opinion and a prescription for mobicox or indocid.
Do what I suggest, and it should dissipate in 1 - 2 weeks.

Shelty K
This sounds-more than a torn Gluteas Maximus ( Butt muscle) This has Sciatic nerve involvement and you need to get a referral to a physio therapist. They will treat it by possibly using a therapy known as inter forrential therapy. It is an electronic stimulation that has been used very successfully for your type of problem.

You should avoid Chiropractors as they are not the people to deal with this injury.In the interim you could try a Deep heat or even an Infra red lamp treatment. But Physio is the real answer to getting this properly healing

Cheryl J
Soak in a tub of epsom salt.

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