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 Why is my foot so cold?
i recently pulled a ligament in my right ankle. it was, needless to say, very painful, swollen and red for a few days. this has now gone, but my foot is constantly feeling cold. i do suffer from '...

 If i have a muscle pulled around my heart..is it safe to cheer?
i went to the doctor monday and they said i suppositly had a pulled muscle around my heart..and my parents said i shouldnt stunt at the games..my dad doesnt think it really is a muscle because it ...

 I sprained my foo about 4 monthes ago?
it was very badly bruised i didnt go hospital. now i cannot run probably or kick any thing without it causing me a lot of pain 4 a few minutes what could b the matter is it posible that i damaged any ...

 How many of you just cant resist to pick a scab?
it no its rank but its my thing and we all do it.
dont deny it.
Additional Details

im a picker i love a good sit on the couch and just pick your way to heaven.

 Why does getting hurt make my body numb?
When I get hurt like stub my toe or bang my elbow on the wall my body goes numb and I feel like I can't stand anymore and I fall to the ground.
Additional Details
When I get hurt ...

 If you were to have surgery, where would you look to make sure your doctor?
was good at his profession, good at the type of surgery you needed? Is there some place I could check to see if he had any suits against him?...

 Should i Be able to sue my school??
well it was pouring down rain here this morning and i was running around and suddenly crash, i had slipped into a missing paver hole...you couldnt see it cause it was covered up with water ike the ...

 My hand is killing me, it hurts so badly?
My hand is killing me?
am 14 years old and on Monday I was playing with my friend and my right hand collided very hard several times very hard with my friends knee and knuckle. Today my hand ...


 I am from the United States and am visiting Canada, I am in pain and need a prescription, but I have no doctor
I have been in Canada for a month now and I injured my ankle falling down icy steps... Healthcare is free for Canadians up here but not for Americans, I have insurance but they say I have to pay for ...

 Tennis elbow, please let me know if you have discovered a pain relief,?
I have had the chronic pain in my arm and sometimes in my shoulder for over a month. I had a cortisone injection 6 days ago, I have tried the sports supports and Painkilling gel, nothing works!

 How do u treat a fracture?
i got hert by a ball at soft ball and i have a small fracture on my wrist and the docter said that it will heal by it self but it herts so ...

 Sprained or broken wrist?
Back in January I took a fall off my horse. I know I did something funny to my thumb and wrist. It hurt right away. I figured it was just sprained. Since then the pain has been off and on the ...

 I have a ankle problem, my parents and my doctor is telling me to stop. I really dont want to tho. What i do?
ok, at the end i said, wat i do because there wasnt enough room. But tell me, my doctor told me to stop. But i dont want to. I want to stay fit, and i want to do sport. Should i listen to them, or ...

 Is my toe broken?
I was playing basketball when my big toe was stepped on. It hurt and i kept playing. When i was done playing i looked at it and it was badly swollen. I could still move it though. I wouldn't put ...

 Help urgent plz?
ok i broke my left arm about 5 minutes ago it is in a s-shape and i am typing with my right and my parents wont be home for 1 1/2 hours should I wait for them or call 911 because i have no other way ...

 What did I do to my ribs?
So I was snowboardin bout 5 days ago and ate it hard. it was like i got the wind knocked out of me. Took me a while 2 get up.
So now I have like swellin (hope its not a bone though) and it ...

 Have you ever broken ankle?
have you ever broke your ankle? when does it ever get back to normal?...

 What type of doctor do I see, for Carpal Tunnel?
Lately I have been feeling symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. My arm is tingly, and numb, and sometimes is difficult for me to sleep. I want to be sure I am diagnosed & tested properly without wasting ...

 If you had your nails pulled out completely, would they grow back??

Additional Details
I saw a film where this guy was being tortured and his nails were pulled out, it made me ...

How to heal a black eye faster?
It's been almost a week, and the eye is still black underneath.. is there anything to relieve this faster?

big eye
Just paint it white.

Bach Flower Essences makes an amazing cream called Rescue Remedy Cream. Myself and many others I know have used it for bruises; it's great.


Pete c
best thing to do is to keep your head elevated and tilted back to aid in the drainage. right after the injury ice is commonly used on for 15 min. then off. try that 4x's a day. after 3 days i would try warm compress(a warm wash cloth)15 min 4 x a day. also try rubbing some vit E around the area of damage. gentle massage should help the area. if there is any problem with your sight please see your opthamologist. good luck and best wishes.

If you want it to be faster you have to see the doctor faster;)lol..no i'm serious..

rocker chic liz
what happened someone kicked your *** jk

Try vitamin K or C. Put on cold compresses.

I can't vouch for the use of this around your eye, but...the Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment (with comfrey and some other stuff) really helps heal bruises on my body. Try a little dab under your eye (not *in* your eye, just near it.) It might help.

If you feel congested, try an anti-allergy med or a decongestant. Does your nose hurt? Sometimes, people get black eyes when their noses get broken.

It might just take a while for it to heal. But if it doesn't seem to heal at all (like, changing colors) or it's swollen, get it checked out.

Most black eyes take up to two weeks to heal depending on how fast your body can heal. If your eye is still swollen I suggest ice packs and cold substances to keep the swelling down. If its just a shiner and not swollen try moist heat like a warm washcloth. Basically blood vessels in your eye have burst from being hit. So your eye is gonna take a little time to heal itself. If you feel any thing like sensitivity to light or it hurts to look left and right or up and down i suggest you see a doctor cuz you might have possibly have had a concussion. I hope that helps:)

I work for an eye surgeon, Frozen peas in a zip lock bag works great if your eye is swollen also sleeping with your head elevated helps with swelling if you have any. As far as the bruising warm compresses help restrict the blood vessels here are a few things our office tells our post-op patients to try...I have had a lot of luck with theses compresses.

Rice in a Sock
Fill a clean, all-cotton sock with raw rice.
Microwave to desired temperature. if the sock is not 100% cotton it may melt/burn at low temps!

Rolled Facecloth
Place a dampened facecloth in the microwave, but make sure the facecloth is tightly rolled up it helps keep the heat. The warmth of the facecloth last only about 3 to 5 minutes, I suggest this if you are in a hurry!
Do not use the heat compresses more than 20 Minutes at a time.

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