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How soon after stepping on a rusty nail do you need to get a tetanus shot? Can you wait a couple of weeks?
My wife is on vacation in Florida and stepped on a rusty nail. It pierced her shoe and left a mark on her foot, but her foot did not bleed. She's wondering if she needs to get a tetanus shot ASAP or if she can wait until she's back home.

she needs get it (now).

Jeff O
Well, actually you need a tetanus shot prior to the injury. There's two types of medications used to give you immunity to tetanus. Tetanus immune globulin is given to sensitize you to the bacteria, clostridium tetani. That shot needs to be prior to exposure (injury)

Boosters (tetanus toxoid) are given every 5 years in the event of of a dirty wound and every ten years in the event of a dirty wound.

~ Amanda ~
If it didnt break skin, I wouldnt worry. She could get one just in case if she's worried about it though.
Growing up my brother always managed to find a nail to put through his foot each summer. He always got the shot right away because his were always deep enough to cause a bit of bleeding.

If there is no piercing it is not so bad. Obviously blood would have oozed out. Otherwise, if it is just a mark it is not that serious. Still, it is good to get it checked.

On the flip side, if there has been any type of the rusty nail's contact with blood in anyway, tetanus shot should be administered almost immediately. The agony of the poison in her blood stream and the aftermath of the shock is not worth the wait.

random person
no you can't wait!! you have got to get to the doctor imediatly. try to find a doctor where she is now, but if you can't then bring her home right now and send her to your doctor.


Jasmine Lily
I would say if it didn't penetrate her skin, she wouldn't need a shot. She could also call the doctor's office and ask to speak to a nurse.

Get to a hospital.

If it broke the skin.....ASAP, unless she wants lockjaw and infection to set in? Time is important, it would be cheaper for her to see a local doctor for the injection, then to deal with a problem later.

gentle giant
I think that it should be delt with right away. Infection can set in quick!

I believe you have to get one asap for it to work. Good luck.

^v^OH! BATS^v^
No wait till the tetanus spreads all over her leg.

Please tell her to go to local hospital in Florida and get that tetanus shot ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

I would. Better safe than sorry.

"N"saysable 1iric
If she has not had a tetnus shot in the last 10 years then she needs to get a shot ASAP, even if the nail did not break the skin or cause any bleeding.If I were her I wouldn't wait until I came home, I'd go to the nearest hospital triage dept. for an evaluation and a shot. Better safe than sorry!!!!

teatnus can set in right away,

A Tetanus shot is given every 7 years. How long has it been? I wouldn't wait if I wasn't sure. Check on the internet.

Collin R
She should get a tetanus shot ASAP. No need to risk getting something on her vacation that would spoil her time. Take care.

Nurse Annie
The time between the contamination of a wound and the first symptoms is usually less than 2 weeks but can range from 2 days to months. So in the chance that it could set in for 2 days, I would definately have it done asap.

Entity of Life
Right away is best to prevent any futher problems..however if she has had a shot in the past 5 years..she will be ok..no shot needed.

The sooner the better because if you got infected now and waited that will be worse then finding a place to get a shot. Check if there are any 24-hr walk in clinics or maybe the emergency room of a hospital??

Better safe than sorry. Get the shot.

If it broke the skin, she should get a tetanus shot ASAP because the infection can enter her bloodstream.

If it just left a bruise and didn't break the skin, then she probably doesn't need a shot at all (unless she wants one "just in case" so she's vaccinated).

She was lucky. That could have been so much worse.

Pam K
How long ago since her last tetanus shot? I wouldn't wait if I was her. Better to be safe than sorry...

I stepped on a rusty nail when I was about 10 years old and because my tetanus shot was still current I did not need a new one. So if her shot is recent enough she would not need a new one if she hasn't had one since she was a child she should go to the hospital, but you said it didn't break the skin in which case she probably doesn't need one at all.

it's not a good idea to wait
i'm no expert in diseases or bacteria,
but i do know that if you wait, you increase your chances of something you don't want to risk

If the nail didnt puncture the skin, then you probably have little to worry about. Rust causes infection, and can be pretty bad, but only if skin is broken.

However, it's always best to play it safe.

get one asap

You have to get it in 24 hours. Tetanus is a bacteria that lives almost everywhere in the dirt, but is for some reason famous for being on rusty nails. When you get the tetanus bacteria put in your foot from a nail the bacteria do not move all over the body and infect it, they merely infect the local area where they were implanted and put their toxin into the blood. The toxin goes to the nervous system and blocks inhibitory neurotransmitters, so the excitatory neurotransmitters are more powerful, leading to severe contractions, lockjaw, etc. When you have a tetanus shot you are injecting a toxoid, which is a mimic of the toxin, but without the bad effects. The reason you need a shot after stepping on a nail is to force your immune system to ramp up the anti-toxin antibodies that it already knows how to make. The bacteria take about 3 days to start making the toxin, but the immune system takes about 2 days to respond to the toxin (even if you have been immunized in the past, it takes 10 days if you have not been immunized at all), and by then the toxin would have done its job and possibly killed your wife. So to keep that from happening you get a tetanus shot that then forces your immune system to get to work before the toxin is present, so that when the toxin is made by the bacteria it will be neutralized before it can hurt your wife. I hope this helps.

Tetanus is rare in the U.S. The offending toxin can live for years in animal feces and soil.

If the nail did not break the skin, there is usually no treatment required. There needs to be a puncture of some sort or even a superficial wound.
Symptoms of tetanus infection can begin within 2 days, but usually appear within 5-10 days. The most common symptom is stiffness in the jaw. Other symptoms include restlessness, difficulty in swallowing, irritability, headache, fever, sore throat, chills, and muscle spasms and stiffness in the neck, arrms, and legs.

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