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 Can anyone that knows about wrist pain diagnose my problem? Video included PLEASE help =(?
This is slightly long but I just want to be very detailed

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 How can i still exercise with a broken ankle?
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 I have this cut on my leg...?
Its been there for about two months, and it hasn't gone away or scared over. It wasn't a bad cut (it was an accident with a razor) when it happened.
Right now its pinkish and sort of ...

 Back of foot hurts?
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 What are growing pains in your leg and how long would it take to go away!!!!! neeed to know?

 Got my ear pieced and is sligtly swollen, a little warm, and red...infection?
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 Is it true that all firefighters have big hoses?

 I know this is a weird question to ask but..?
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 I got in a fihgt yesterday and today my i fount out my thumb was swollen and it hurts real bad.?
i can still move it but slow. if i move it fast it gives me a very painful shock. wat can be wrong wit it?
Additional Details
my thumb was outside my ...

 How can i tell if i tore my ligaments in my ankle?
okay i sprained my ankle today while playing basketball. right when i hit the ground i hurt cracking sounds. like if u were to pop ur knuckles. it was really painful but i can still kind of walk now. ...

 I dropped a tv on my toe around four weeks ago how long does it take for the bruising to go away?

 I posted a question earlier about my dad and a bruise after getting blood test. It's been 4 days and...?
the bruise is extending down his arm and is getting worse not better... now should we be conserned?!?...

 Has this ever happend to you?
About a wk ago i was talking on the phone with a friend when all of a suddan my jaw POPPED and i felt the pain all the way from my jaw to my head. It hurt so much i could barley open my mouth,then ...

 I wrecked my snowboard and my pelvis area is hurting.. Help?
Well i was snowboarding in my yard and i jumped a about 3 foot jump and it was pretty icy. I lost balance and landed right on my left side and i can barely walk. It's been a day and when i woke ...

*Bride to Be* 11/01/08
How soon after hitting your head can you go to sleep?
I was sitting on the couch and my 21month old daughter knocked a heavy statue on my head. Boy did it hurt. It was funny but omg do I have one heck of a head ache?! As soon as it hit me she leaned over and gave me a kiss on my "boo boo" lol. There is a bump and its tender when I touch it. I was just wondering how soon will I be safe to go to sleep?? It just happened like 30 minutes ago. Thanks!
Additional Details
ok yes I know your not supposed to go to sleep if you have a concussion... that was my question... in case I had a concussion... I guess I should have put that in there, but I figured that was obvious.. and you can have a concussion without being knocked out...

Olivia J
It's safe so long as you don't have a concussion..

Michael A
If I get hit in the head hard enough I will go to sleep immediately. :)

Crystal W
You may have a concussion. I would call an emergency center and ask. Im pretty sure it is 24 hours. I know that is a long time but better safe than sorry.

kevin d
Ouch that would of heart ..
first of all put the statue in a safer place .
I think like every body else you will be OK .
If you want to be sure stand in front t of a mirror with a torch ,and shine it into your pupil . If it retratcts normally you are not concussed.
A bit of ice on the bump might help to .
Or a frozen pack of vegetables is just as good.

Sandra B
You should be okay, as you did not pass out

if you didn't pass out, you didn't get enough damage to hurt your brain. a bruised brain = concussion = don't sleep.

you'll be fine, just ice it!

Pass it on...
The only time you have to worry about going to sleep after a head injury is if you lost consciousness. About 20 minutes with an icepack to the area should do you fine!

Kids....gotta love em!!! lol

oach I would wait for about 4 hours. last time I had a concussion (swim staight into a wall, I can't remember if I pass out or not) my mom made me stay up for 4 hours then woke me up every 2 hours after that. I don't think it serious. your going to have a headache for a while. you'll be fine.

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