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 How do i get the water out of my head????
I got some water in one ear and in the same day it really started to piss me off and really felt like hurting .it HURTS.can someno plz @#! tell me how 2 get it out....im afraid of infection more......

 Im recovering from cutting and i was just wondering...?
if you put hydrogen peroxide of something and a thick layer of bubbles or wahtever that white gross stuff is waht is it? does that maen its infected? and is there anythign to put on it to heal them ...

 I have this continous noise in my right ear, and it impared my hearing. What can i do?
The problem is that i went to a night club, and funny enough my left ear that was directed to the speaker has got no problem, but to my supprise it is my right ear that was affected, and i have been ...

 I did Landscaping for six years.since then I have had chronic back and knee pain What should I do?
When doing landscaping i did alot of heavy lifting,and a lot of bending over.as a result I now have a bad back and bad knees....

 NO ONE EVER ANSWERS MY QUESTIONS... JUST A GUESS WILL WORK! if you had to diagnose my 12 year old RIGHT NOW...
would you say she has Osgood-Schlatter or a Torn Meniscus?

here are all her symptoms:

swelling in front of knee (in a band across the middle)
pain when squatting
pain ...

 Doctors note...are the managers of work allowed to validate you were really there?
Okay, so this is really bad but i called out sick from work and made this whole story up about how i went to the hospital (which i did 6 month's prior) but since they had no idea that i had gone ...

 Do people always surely DIE if they break their neck? How come...?!? Any doctor or physician to explain..?
I once heard a news that a woman survived after she accidentally broke her neck by falling from her own roof... I didn't get it, how come?!?

Well, any doctor or physician to explain ...

 What can be done for a broken toe?
the toe beside the big toe. someone told me all you can do is tape it to another toe. any ideas?...

 FASTEST way to heal a sprained leg?
okay, i was walking in the grass and i twisted my ankle in a ditch/ so far ive tried the RICE, and i soaked my foot in water with this epsom salt, buts its not helping/
i could walk slowly on ...

 What's an immediate remedy for a twisted ankle??
Please answer, my friend just came home with a twisted ankle, she'd fallen off the stairs!! Is there anything quick to be done?...

 Just cut my tongue what should I do?
I just made a large cut down the centre of my tongue with a knife, will it be ok? should I do anything? Thanks
Additional Details
I was trying to cut my tongue in half, why do you think ...

 My veins stick out real bad in my arms what does that mean?
ok, its really wierd when im hot my veins stick out of my arms real bad and i mean really bad and my hands turn bright red when it happens and it kind of feels like someone is sqeezeing my arm but ...

 What's wrong with me?
I'm 15 and I wear contact lenses. This morning, I was playing baseball, and on the bus back to school my left eye started to feel irritated and hurt (which sometimes happens with contact lenses)....

 Friend set me on fire with gas........... just 10 mins ago.....?
ok me and my friends were playing with gas.......... and well we made a molotov x2 one of them set a tree on fire other one set me on fire......... and anyways what sould i do i got burns on my face ...

 I don't know?
Does it hurt a girl to be kicked in the groin? Sure, it hurts to be kicked anywhere, but is it about the same pain as a guy?...

 Messed up knee, please help!?
hey everyone, I need advice on how to take care of my knee, I was running the other day and it hurt right after I finished jogging. It's hurt for like a month now and sometimes it feels like it ...

 I hurt my neck 4 days ago and I can't move it?
I hurt my neck doing situps 4 days ago and now I can't move my head down far enough to see my feet! It hurts nonstop now and I don't have insurance to cover it because I'm a business ...

 Doe anyone have an explanation of why i have developed numbness in my right thigh together with hair loss?
around the area .had this for ages but seems to be getting worse over last two ...

 Can you go deaf from having your top ear peirced?
i heard that you can and im concerned!

any information would be great!


 Finger swollen and bruised, broken?
My pinky is swolen and purple, it got bent backwords really hard. Is it sprained, fractured, or broken?...

How many times can a wasp sting, and does it die afterwards?

once and then it dies

A Wasp Will Sting as many times as it wants, it will not die after wards.

A bumble bee will only die after it has made its stung....

Any number of times. A bee dies if it stings once because the stinger remains in the victim and rips the bee's back end out. This doesn't happen with a wasp

Wasps do not die after stinging, although bees do.

Miss Tragedy™
unfortunatley these annoying little things won't die after stinging a person, a honeybee will though. and wasps can sting over and over and over and over...etc. =]

Soup Dragon
Many times. Unlike a bee who die after stinging once. Wasps smooth sting remains attached to their body after stinging.Whereas a bees sting is barbed like a fish hook and when it stings the sting is pulled out of its body and with it the poison gland and small muscles that surround it therefore the poison continues to pump into the body of the stingee.Go to this site - www.madsci.org. Hope this answers your question

wasps can sting multiple times...and they will. HOneybees die after stinging.

wasps are just plain evil little cretins that can sting over and over again

It can sting many times. I don't think it does!

Wasps can sting as many times as they like. bees on the other hand, when they sting the "stinger" part comes out, which proves fatal to the bee.

Wasp stings aren't as sore as bee stings, and can be treated with....vinegar! As soon as you put vinegar on the sting it stops the pain. I think its has something to do with the vinegar being a form of acid, and the sting being an alkali. It kills the sting.

wasps can sting unlimited times unlike bees.

Unlike a bee, the wasp sting has no barbs and can be used many times.

Wasps can sting unlimited times, and they do not die afterwards.

Wasps do not die after stinging.

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