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How long will it take until my sprained ankle heals and I can walk?
I just sprained it yesterday (or i think it's sprained). Well it's swollen, but it hurts when i stand up. It's not really bad i guess it's just that it hurts a bit when i stand. How long will that take to heal, because I have to dance next week. I think i could stand if my foot wasn't numb, because it is and that's why it starts to hurt.

DOC Holliday
relax , sit down , call them and let them know that you will not make it>>>

when I sprained my ankle , I didn't let it heal all the way......well long story short I HAVE TWISTED MY ANKLE MORE THAN 11 TIMES, since then.so take good care of it now , if you want to be dancing in the future. (It might be fractured or even broken, for all you know .... and in that case 2-3 month rest should be about right.

If you have not gone to the doctor................stop standing on it for a few days. Keep elevated and use ice 15 minutes off and on until it looks normal. If you want to dance next week you will need to stay off it as much as possible and it would help that if you need to go to school or other places wrapped it up.

For next week.......if it still hurts do not dance but if you must you can get stuff to numb your foot but is highly not recomended and it could end up getting worse.....hopefully you just sprained your foot.....I think you should see a doctor to make sure nothing is broken before you follow my advice because it can easily make it worse and you won't be able to dance for at least three months!!!

I just sprained my ankle on sunday and they put an air cast on me and I have to use crutches for at least a week. The hospital said that I have to keep off of it for 1-2 weeks....it really depends on how bad the sprain is... Hope ya feel better :)

Stay off of it and keep it elevated.

I have had sprains that took two months to heal and I have had them heal in a week.

If you must walk and get around I suggest a pair of high top boots, tie them tight as you can stand them, the support will help. There are a number of home remedies but most do not work.

Best advice- stay off of it, otherwise your ankle will look like mine, be stiff and sore in the cold, and sprain quite easily.

ice rest and a compression bandage could help it heal in 2-4 weeks enough to get around functionally. as for it to fully heal, it would take another 2-3 weeks. while it heals though, walk with as little pressure on it as possible, limp or even get crutches if you have to. you heal, plus you just might get a sympathy appeal that might help to reschedule your dance.

A few days, but only if you don't walk on it and get a brace for it from a doctor.

Depends on the severety of it. Most likely around 4-6 weeks to get back to normal functionality.

With care, Im guessing 3-5 days. Without care, it will swell and last longer, for about 1-2 weeks.

Put ice on the specific area and lay off the leg. Slowly move your ankle around in a circle for blood flow and daily movement.

Hope it helps.

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