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How long will it take to grow my toe nail back??
Ok so here's the deal. I'm a pitcher for my softball team and our coach got us all matching cleats (Mizuno). Ok so when I started wearing them and during games and stuff, as soon as I would plant my foot on the ground after my wind up, my big toe would jam in to the inside of the cleat. After a while it started getting bruised and it got to the point where I could not pitch during practice. It's been about 2 months since this all started and now my toe nail is 99% dead and I noticed this morning it's not attached to my skin, except that 1% on the left side. I can literally lift my toe nail and look under. What do I do? Can I cut the dead nail off or will that be bad? Will my toe nail grow back, and if it does will it grow back normal? Help me foot doctors PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will grow back it's going to take a month if you don't keep injurying it. I lost mine and it only took a month for mine and it gew back normal SO don't worry. The doctor is going to tell ou the same thing

It might take a while. Why dont u google it. Research never hurts and don't worry it will grow back.

i had a engrown toenail and had to get the whole toenail removed so i sugget go to the doctor, let them take it off n get sum medicine n they'll wrap it up so it dont get infected and it'll start growin bac soon it wont take long maybe two months or so

kristoff n
oh yeh cut that toe nail off if its that loose, and get some disinfectant on there. wrap it up to keep it safe from germs.
I lost 2 of my toe nails before
1)my baby toe (pinky) got caught on a piece of fabric and it ripped it right off.
2)my big to got rolled over by a heavy office chair, my toe nail came off and it was being held on by the small skin, like in your case.
Yes your toe nail will grow back as normal, if not better than it grew back, you'll have a brand new toe nail in a few weeks.
also if you want it to grow back faster, theres over the counter pills you can take to get your nails to grow faster.

I'm no foot doctor, but I can speak from recent experience. I wouldn't worry. It will grow back and look like it used to (maybe better), in about 6 months.

The people whose toenails grow back in only 2 months must live by a nuclear waste dump.

Spider Pig
give it for about a month or so.But to be sure, consult your doctor.

Had the same thing happen to me. It will grow back normal. After a week you won't even notice it's gone. It takes a few months for it to get back to normal though.

if its not attached..cut it off. it will take a couple of months to grow back. it will grow back normal unless you have some kind of bacterial infection. then go to the doctors

lindsay t
Mine fell off last summer when a teach stepped on my toe in her high heal!! It took me 2 months for it to grow back. If i were you let it air out for the first like week because i know how much it hurts! Then you can put a band aid and let it be. They usualy grow back normal

Audrey King
go to the doctor, and make sure it doesnt get infected. Once i dropped a heavy drawer on my toe nail, it turned purple, fell off and it took several months to grow fully back, it grew back demented at first, and then it grew normal. good luck! im sorry, take better care of yourself tho!

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