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if ...

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If so what happened?

I've fainted 3 times
1st when i fell and cut my fingers open the blood was too much lol
2nd i fainted onto my dad when i was ill
3rd i was ill ...

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 Broken blood vessel in eye?
Is it normal for a broken blood vessel in the eye to spread over night?...

 How do you know if you have fractured your wrist?
i hurt my wrist the other week when i ended up punching my bedroom wall, due to a tromatic split up between my parents, and due to me my lad of 5 years spliting up on the same night! so i do know ...

Tina C
How long will it take an arm sprain to heal?
My arm was sprained from being twisted forcibly. The first day I could not move it and the second day was only slightly better. By day three I was getting significant improvement. I am at day five and still have swelling pain and have not regained full range of motion

Chuck & Christy N
6 to 8 weeks like doctor said

Molly G
depending on how bad it was and how clumsy you are probably about 4 months.

Tony R
a decade

brown eyes
if you try to work it too hard too soon you will do more harm than good, you need to get it moving but keep in mind that it's still weak... just do "light" lifting with that arm until there is no pain any more. but dont baby it or it wont regain strength... there's a fine line.

Swelling... Take Aleve - Pains... Take Advil! Mostly I take both at the same time but don't overdose yourself! Usually sprains last only about a week... two weeks tops... just dont move a lot!

2 weeks min

I know you don't want to hear this, however, there are many variables. Your age and overall health. Your physical conditioning, are you sedentary or active. The severity of your injury, are there any associated ancillary injuries.
The big unknown is your diet, that can and does have a very definite effect on your health and your recovery.
A combination of ice and heat (not at the same time) will help healing and not using it any more than necessary, if you can, immobilize it.
If you are young, healthy, athletic and have an excellent diet then you could be essentially back to normal in two weeks. Otherwise you could be eight weeks and still feel tenderness.
I know that is hardly definitive, I hope it helped anyway.

There could be ligaments involved. You need to see a Doctor.

2 weeks. my daughter took a flying leap off a sled in the mountains and sprained hers terribly. so bad they thought she had broken her elbow. she hadn't and she was back to normal in 2 weeks just like they said. she had a rough first week with it just like yourself. you need to keep your arm in a sling during that two weeks to give it time to heal too. but don't baby it. take it out every now and then and work it easily so it doesn't get weak and stiff.

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