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i dont just get it when i stand up and stuff i always feel dizzy,

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 Numbness on hand and foot on one side, when moving neck around.?
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 How can you tell if your skull is fractured without receiving medical advise?
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 When taking a hair follicle drug test from doctors office will it detect a small amount from 4 months ago?
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 Is it possible to live without a lower jaw bone?
For that matter, can you swallow if your jaw is removed/destroyed? Since the tongue has nothing to brace against to begin peristalsis...

This is for a film script idea I'm working on, ...

 Did you wake up with a big spot today?
my nose is killing me, any good creams out there ?...

 Fell...knee hurts bad?
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 Is cold or hot better for swelling?

 I'm claustrophobic....are there alternatives for a broken wrist?
I freak out if there are things put on me or around me (a cast) that I can't take off...............I know this is kind of unusual, but I think that I broke my wrist and am afraid to go to the ...

How long should you wait for a boil to go away?
Ok i am scared to go to the doctor, i have a boil on my leg and it hurts i had it for 4 weeks, I goes up and down isnt there anyway it will go away on its own??

Put hot compresses on it often to bring it to a head. When it pops put polysporin on it to help healing and to avoid infection.

go to the doctor. it sounds like you have an abscess and will either need antibiotics or to have it drained and packed. if it needs to be drained they will numb the area and make a small incision and squeeze the pus out of the abscess pocket. then they will pack it with some gauze packing so that it heals from the inside out. if they were to just stitch it closed there is a high chance it will come back. don't be scared they have lots of ways to numb areas now and if you tell your doctor up front that you are scared they will take that into consideration.

You must seek medical attention. A boil is essentially an infection and requires treatment. If the infection gets worse, it can spread and cause more serious problems. See a doctor immediately while the problem is still manageable.

do not squeeze it. use hot!!! (as hot as you can stand it ) wash cloths on the boil frequently. keep clothing away that may be rubbing against it irritating it. if the hot cloths dont help it come to a head you have to go to the drs. it may need to be lanced, or you may need antibiotics

If it doesn't come to a head and drain within a week then it is time to go see the doc and get antibiotics to heal it. You said you have had yours for 4 weeks so call tomorrow and get seen at the docs office.

You may need to have it drained, but even if its not drained, you will need antibiotics. Depending on where its located on your leg it could be a clogged gland. I get those, very painfull.

I'd suggest going to the doc.I don't think it'll go away on its own. Once its drained I think you'll feel alot better. Keep that in mind. you don't want ot get a serious infection.

live for today
Most simple boils can be treated at home. Ideally, the treatment should begin as soon as a boil is noticed since early treatment may prevent later complications.

The primary treatment for most boils is heat application, usually with hot soaks or hot packs. Heat application increases the circulation to the area and allows the body to better fight off the infection by bringing antibodies and white blood cells to the site of infection.

As long as the boil is small and firm, opening the area and draining the boil is not helpful, even if the area is painful. However, once the boil becomes soft or "forms a head" (that is, a small pustule is noted in the boil), it can be ready to drain. Once drained, pain relief can be dramatic. Most small boils, such as those that form around hairs, drain on their own with soaking. On occasion, and especially with larger boils, the the larger boil will need to be drained or "lanced" by a healthcare practitioner. Frequently, these larger boils contain several pockets of pus that must be opened and drained.

Antibiotics are often used to eliminate the accompanying bacterial infection. Especially if there is an infection of the surrounding skin, the doctor often prescribes antibiotics. However, antibiotics are not needed in every situation. In fact, antibiotics have difficult penetrating the outer wall of an abscess well and often will not cure an abscess without additional surgical drainage.

Any boil or abscess in a patient with diabetes or a patient with an underlying illness that can be associated with a weakened immune system (such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) should be evaluated by a healthcare practitioner. Additionally, many medicines, especially prednisone, that suppress the immune system (the natural infection-fighting system of the body) can complicate what would be an otherwise simple boil. Patients who are on such medications should consult their healthcare practitioner if they develop boils. (If you are not sure about your medications' effects on the immune system, your pharmacist may be able to explain to you which medicines to be concerned about.)

Any boil that is associated with a fever should receive medical attention. A "pilonidal cyst," a boil that occurs between the buttocks, is a special case. These almost always require medical treatment including drainage and packing (putting gauze in the opened abscess to assure it continues to drain). Finally, any painful boil that is not rapidly improving should be seen by the healthcare practitioner.

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