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How long should it hurt?
How long should the pain of a sprained finger last?
Its been a over week now and it still really hurts!!

If it still hurts, go to the doc!

Depends how badly you sprained it, but it lasted about 4 days when i did it once.

If it's broken, then it'll takes 6 weeks, if it's sprained or joint damage then it can take any length of time. (I dislocated my little finger joint about 2 years ago and I can still barely type on a computer using it, ((although that might be because I was half way up a mountain on this expedition so I just kinda popped it back into place myself - I don't recommend it coz it hurt like hell))) Hope it gets better soon.

Tape a popsicle stick to it and then tape it to the finger next to it. Yo uare probably still moving it and that is why it still hurts. Also take some Tylenol, it will dull the pain. If it still hurts and keeps getting worse go to the Doctor.

The Great Escape
Get a doctor to check that it is not broken

There is no way you can know what the problem is unless you go to the Dr. and have it x-rayed.Could be a sight fracture or possibly a sprain. If it is a sprain it needs to be immobilized for a certain length of time. It will take weeks to heal. Sprains take longer to heal than fractures.

Old Man of Coniston!.
It sounds like a break to me!. If you cant apply any pressure at all, then I would go to A&E to have it x-rayed.

A sprain pain can last weeks or sometimes even months. Depends how bad a strain it is. If it is still bad in another week as for a referral to physio.

Depends how bad you injured it in the first place. A bad sprain or fracture could hurt for a few weeks! To be honest, I wouldn't waste your time in A&E, you'll be at the bottom of the queue and everyone will be seen before you. If it is broken then they'll not do anything bar strap it up which you can do yourself. Use ibuprofen or paracetomol to control pain. Strap it to the next finger using micropore tape when your working and doing stuff. Exercise gently using a squishy ball to help blood flow around the injury site and to strengthen muscles. Build up exercise as time goes on.

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