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How long does it take to recover your muscle after being in a cast for 3 months?
I just got my cast off. I had it on for about 3 months. I got it off about 2 weeks ago. But I still walk funny, it looks like im limping...is anything wrong? our is this just lack of muscle?

Don't worry, it should take about 2 weeks to a month to get in tip top condition. And don't play any contact sports until your arm is fully healed. Trust me, I went through it last year.

It takes some people a month before they get used to having it off. As long as there's no pain, you should be alright.

Its just normal for you to walk that way. Your muscle shrunk because it has no exercise for 3 months, to that effect it has no strength. It will be back to normal by constant exercise or by walking every day for one month.

I was in a cast from foot to hip for 10 weeks in 2004. I was shocked by the muscle loss in my leg. I recovered full muscle back after about 3 months of therapy. Hope this helps.

The limp is caused by a lack of muscle. It can take 4-6wks to get the muscle strengthened enough and even then there is the slight chance you could still have a limp, just not as noticeable. As time goes by, and your leg becomes stronger, the less noticeable your limp will appear.

Normal, it depends on you age. The younger you are the faster you will recover. If you were in a cast for 3 months it will probably take at least 2-3 months to recover if you do rehab exercise it can take longer though. You can do exercises on just you weak leg to help build the muscles of that leg back up.

Ed Teach
It takes several months to regain your basic strength. Walking does make the muscles work again.

Formal rehab is advised. Many people develop bad habits after an injury in regards to walking gait. Can lead to other problems for other joints including your back.

First you need to regain your normal motion in the joints that were locked in the cast. Then specific strengthening exercises. A PT or ATC may see you 3x a week or once every few weeks to update a home program. However the real key to a good rehab is your willingness to follow direction.

It does take large muscles longer to fully develop.

try physical therapy to build back up that muscle

half the time it was immobilized is a good rule of thumb...

if you were in a cast for 3 mos, give yourself 1-1/2 months to build your muscle back

don't be discouraged if it takes that long...

you have to have physical therapy, basically just excercise.

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