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 My wrist has been hurting for a while!! Ive tried Icy hot and other pain relievers! is there something else?
Can anyone help? It kind of feels like the bone is pinching my nerve and it only hurts when I turn it to the right! is there anything I can do?? Im a softball pitcher!...

 Do you know anyone who self injury's?
My friend ha cut herself for awhile now but now that it is summer she is scared to wear short sleeves. she doesn't want anyone to ask her about it. If you know someone who does this how do ...

 Shall I go back to work tomorrow ?
I hurt my ankle last week Monday and I was going to go back to work tomorrow. However, when I spoke to them this morning they said they can give some work to do in the office for this week, but I ...

 All doctors, HELP ME MY TOE HURTS!!!?
So my toe hurts really bad. No when I leave it alone but when i put slight pressure on it. And it is kind of red, and skin is falling off and getting all hard. and just now, white stuff just cam out ...

 (SERIOUS QUESTIO!!!) I was getting out of a jacuzzi tub on Friday night/Saturday morning and it was dark and I
was tipsy and I fell and hurt my leg very badly. I have a giant bruise on my knee and the whole leg is super stiff and my ankle is a bit swollen. I have never hurt myself like this before. I think it ...

 How long will it take to heal a pulled mussel in my leg?
I think I pulled a mussel in the back of my left leg because when I stand on it it hurts like crap! I think i did it in gymnastics yesterday, trying to go from a handstand to a back bend! I was ...

 Can you please help ??
ive had two operations on my wrist and needing a total of 4 months off work sick with full pay. ive been back to work for two months now and im back to doing full duties. my employer now wants me to ...

 Is my friend teling porkies? please answer?
my friend fell over about a week and a half ago and she went to hospital. the next day she came back to school with a sling on and said she'd broken her arm.
today she came to school and ...

 What's the difference between a fractured bone and a broken bone?

 Is this a serious injury ?
Yesterday, I got kicked in the stomach so hard I stopped breathing for 10 seconds while I was recovering my breath. My stomach hurt all day so that I couldn't eat and when I walked I felt a ...

 Who has ever gotten a black eye?
What's the funniest reason that you had a black eye?

Mine was getting hit in the face with silly putty...lol...

Was there an easy way to make it less noticeable?...

 If I put my leg in a bucket of dry ice how long will it take before the tissiu in my leg is damaged?
Im not going to d it im just very courious....

 What have I done to my wrist?
I couldn't kick the ball back to my daughter as I had flip flops on, so I hit it voleyball style. Unfortunately, I missed my palm & used only my wrist to hit it.

Straight away a ...

 Help me!!!!! anyone!! please!!!! easy points!?
yesterday i was outside and this kid gave me a high five, we were kinda just screwin around so he hit my hand pretty hard and he bent the tip of my finger (the one thats between my middle finger and ...

 Can you help me? My mom is bleeding and bruising too much?
My mom is in her 60s and a few weeks ago my mom cut herself on her forearm and it would not stop bleeding, any cut just keeps on going even if she puts pressure on it. I told her that her blood must ...

 Broken toe?
AHH! Okay, I know I'm obsessed with my broken toe..but I'm just worried because it's never happened before.
If your toe is broken is it supposed to turn a deep redish color?

 What can i do for lower back pain?
did some yoga and used heat pad
take alleve
still hurts
no insurance or $
Used tennis ball to rub area against wall as chiro suggested long ago
Additional Details
if ...

 Kindov embarrasing but is my...?
coksix(sp?) broken or cracked?!
i was on the water slide today and i slipped back and landed on my bum, my arms were outstretched so it was my full weight on my bum! now it hurts when i press it,...

 If you put potatoes on your wrist overnight, will it break, if you tap it after?
well, i heard that can happen, and was wondering if anybody actually knew.

i wanna break my arm
and, dont waste your time saying im insane, etc etc
cause i've already done ...

 Hemorrhoidal itching advice?Do I need professoinal treatment?

Additional Details
forgive my spelling....it's difficult to type with one ...

How long does it take for broken ribs to heal?

and so

usually about 6wks ,unless you have a cat..i know it sounds odd but a cats purr fascillitates quicker healing due to the ultrasound emitted by purring ...try putting a cat on your ribs ,gently and stroking it ,should quicken up healing by at least a week

From what I know it can take up to three months to heal.

Broken ribs will take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months to heal completely. However, since the main mineral making up the ribs of our body is calcium, it would behove you to give your body the highest absorbable form of calcium. Otherwise, your body is taking this calcium to heal your broken ribs from the other parts of your skeletal frame. Calcium is a macro mineral that cannot be manufactured by the body. It has to be taken daily from an outside source since these minerals have been depleted from the soil for many decades where our foods are continually harvested from.
To restore good health, you'll need a well balanced diet (80% alkaline foods meaning fruits/vegetables and 20% acidic foods daily), and drinking 8 glasses of water daily. However, I'll go one step further to show you the best and quickest way to get healthy so that your entire system will achieve a balanced pH and not be depleted of the essential minerals that it needs.

The best way to drink 8 glass of water daily is to mix it with Xtreme X2O, a natural and organic, coral calcium with 70 trace minerals, which transforms the pH of the water beverage to 9.9 (highly alkaline)!
You may ask why not just drink plain water? The answer is: When you drink lots of water, all of 8 glasses daily, it does not have the essential minerals (calcium, magnesium with 70 trace minerals) that your body needs to elevate its pH and therefore, alkalize your body as the pH of plain water is rather low and very acidic (pH < 7.0). "Alkalinity" equals Oxygen and Oxygen = Good Health.

If you would like to know what your pH level is, let me know. For more info, check this site:


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ask ya doct

mack paddy
it took mine six and a half weeks to heal up. it only hurts when you lauff

there is no time limit i broke mine when i was 16 i'm 51 now and at times it still hurts

pepzi_bandit 2
anything up to 6 wks
I broke mine once
terrible pain

sandy k
a very long time mine were broke last year still hurts like crazy

there is no time scale it depends how much rest you can have, mine took about 6 weeks until i was able to cough without it killing me. good luck

I have broken ribs twice and it has taken about 6 weeks to heal each time. There isn't much the medics can do other than give pain killers. If the break is not straight-forward it may take longer to heal depending on the severity.

at least 3 months

Depends on how many and how severe the break was. Absolutely no physical activity until the doctor says its ok.

I think I was in severe pain for 4 weeks and after that, another 2-3 weeks before I was back at work.

What did you do to yourself?

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