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How long does it take for a person to get out of coma?
my friend was hit in the head.He was in one of the coaches of one of the seven trains when the serial blasts took place in mumbai trains recently.I have'nt seen him but his father told me he's in coma...will he be back to normal?is it really undetermineable?
professional answers would be gr8.....and also the ones with personal experiences
Additional Details
my freind has expired .Its no longer useful answering this question.Thank you.

It depends on the reason for being in a coma in the first place. Also, it depends on him and his ability to recover... there are no guarantees with head injuries.

I am truly sorry for you... I hope everything works out OK.

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depends some times 2 weeks some times 6 months , i have red in some news paper there was a guy who was in coma for 10 yearz

You really have to keep in touch with his father. There is now way of knowing anything. Sometimes the coma is short and they do get back to normal. But not always. Go and see your friend and talk to him. I have heard that hearing familar voices helps to wake them up faster. While you are there try talking to the doctors. They may not be able to tell you much unless you get the father to give them permission.

I wish the best of luck and pray that he recovers soon.





it depends..nobody can say how long will it take for a person to get out of coma..

No one can answer this question. It can take a couple of minutes to NEVER. There have been cases of people in a coma for 15-20 years, and all of a sudden snap out of it.

it's very hard to predict...some people come out of comas, others never do. i'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Its been known for a person to be in coma for five minutes at one end of the scale and at the other end Five years is possible

I had a friend that was in a car wreck and a spare tire hit him in the head he was in a coma for 5 days and expired......however I knew of another person in a coma who awoke after 11 days and was basically fine within 6 months.

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